Saturday, August 18, 2012

What we've been doing.......

We had a little girl!!! :)  Pretty exciting stuff.....especially since I had convinced myself it was a boy (we don't find out at the ultrasounds).
Eliza Lynn.... those little smooshed lips.
Annabelle is ecstatic that she has a new baby sister.  She was so confident that the baby would be a girl because God knew deep in her heart what she really wanted (so much really had me worried lol).
Asa took the longest to warm up, but thinks she is "So cute."
Silas LOVES her.  He was the first to ask to hold her.  When we came home he sat through 45min. of a movie holding her, kissing on her, and gently rubbing her sweet!  We have some convincing to do with the gender though.  He has called her his 'boy sister' a few times. lol
Annabelle has been giving away her stuffed animals to Eliza.  She had made a house (out of blankets) in the living room for Eliza yesterday....and this is where Eliza napped the mid-afternoon away.
Looking at his 'boy sister'.
Oh Eliza you are so very loved!!  Looking forward to watching you grow.  So inexplicably happy that you are part of our family. :)  Happy blogging!