Monday, October 31, 2011

Tot School: Fall/Monster Fun

Wow....what a busy, fun week we had! This post is going to show our trays in action. If you missed the post about the trays, and want to see any of them in detail, you can view it here. :)

Leaf counting activity....done with speed and ease.... I'm actually going to be starting Saxon Math K with Asa this week. He is just begging me for more to do! We are going to start off doing 2 lessons a week and see how it goes.
He really liked the color sort this week. I think that it had to do with how sparkly the material was. Normally Asa just passes trays like this by because they just don't interest him (cause they're too easy).
This Monster Mash game was so fun. I knew he would have no problem getting all the letters. So I actually played it by setting out a few cards and saying the phonic sound (just wanting to get a grasp on how well/if he knows any of them).....he didn't get a single on wrong....not one!
Monster always Asa had a good time with this tray.
Nice follow through. :)
The spider sifting was a hit this week (and a huge mess). I discovered that we have to work on the rules of sensory bins a bit more. lol
Stamping strips. Silas really wanted to do them too.
Pre-writing practice. He's already improving with these.
Tracing Mm. He insists that he does these worksheets as part of his school day. "I want to twace wetters!"
I started using the phonics pad with Asa this week. He's really enjoying it.
This was our Monster Matching game from earlier this year. Silas was able to figure out where to put them all on his own without any help this time around.

The hammering tray was the first choice this week. Everyone had to wait in line to take turns.
Jude's turn.
Look at that big smile on his face. lol
Silas "counting" the numbers during calendar time.
He didn't enjoy this color sort at all. I think that it might have been difficult for him to distinguish them apart. The red and orange looked especially similar.
This tray was done quite a bit by everyone too.
Stop taking pictures (he was starting to get annoyed with the camera).
Roll a Jack-o-Lantern. Silas doesn't really do the rolling part. He just enjoys making the faces.
My boys coloring. Silas will do this for well over an hour straight joke!
Hope everyone had a great week! If you're interested in seeing the fun crafts that we did this week visit this post. Have a safe Halloween!


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Crafts

We had some fun doing some crafts this week. I was going to put them into the Tot School post but that would make that post...extremely long.

We tried to do some hand print pumpkin patches. Silas was the only one that stayed interested in that long enough.
It really just turned into finger painting. Oh well....still fun. :)
So cute with his little fist.
Before the finger painting destruction.....some of them do look like cute little pumpkins.
This was the favorite of the week. We did some marble painting. I must admit that this is one of my favorites too. We did this with my church kids this week as well.
Silas did a great job at keeping the marbles in the box. So easy a rambunctious 2 yr. old can do it!
This is the end result. It is now a garland hanging in our big front window.
Trying to show how really pretty it is. Pictures never do art justice.
We made some really cute fall trees using red, yellow, and orange paint.
My sweet nephew, Jude.

Finished. Really pretty fall trees to decorate our table.
At the end of the week we read the Very Busy Spider. We did an art project that was recommended by 2 Teaching Mommies. I gave them paper that had a dried hot glue web on it.
They were supposed to finger paint it...but they insisted that they use paint brushes.....
Guess they had enough finger painting for the week.
We then glued on fence posts, pom poms, and googly eyes.....I guess you could say we had very busy tot schoolers this week (I'm a
Happy blogging!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Swamps: Flamingos

Well....we had to take a week off Animal Worlds to catch up with some fundamentals. We were back at it this week with studying flamingos. We had fun. There are a lot of interesting things to learn about them....

They stand on one foot to preserve body heat.....
They are pinkish/redish because of what they eat......
....and they put their head in the water upside down to find food.
We did some sponge painting. Annabelle really enjoyed it.....
They turned out....lame. lol I'm thinking of cutting them out, mounting them to cardboard, cutting them out again, and adding a googly eye (because for some reason I can't leave well enough alone...).
We talked about finding different textures in nature but because nature was being particularly rainy and cold in our neck of the woods this week we found different textures in our house.

We did a lot of phonics work this week. This is something that we were slacking on a little and have gotten caught up and back in the game. (More about this in another post, but it is with the help of a fabulous Homeschool Planner and a fabulous Ready 2 Read curriculum).
Working on a sight word caterpillar (again more in another post). :)
Vowel practice.
More vowel practice. Here she is working on short vowel sounds a, e, i, and o.
Color coding sight words.
Loving our math graphing. It was pretty fun because these colors all represent real people that she knows. :)
Anyway, that was the gist of our Kindergarten week. We also did a whole lot of fun fall crafts, but I think I'm going to put those in another post because there are so many pictures due to her brothers doing them too. Hope everyone else had a good week! Happy blogging.


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