Friday, October 28, 2011

Swamps: Flamingos

Well....we had to take a week off Animal Worlds to catch up with some fundamentals. We were back at it this week with studying flamingos. We had fun. There are a lot of interesting things to learn about them....

They stand on one foot to preserve body heat.....
They are pinkish/redish because of what they eat......
....and they put their head in the water upside down to find food.
We did some sponge painting. Annabelle really enjoyed it.....
They turned out....lame. lol I'm thinking of cutting them out, mounting them to cardboard, cutting them out again, and adding a googly eye (because for some reason I can't leave well enough alone...).
We talked about finding different textures in nature but because nature was being particularly rainy and cold in our neck of the woods this week we found different textures in our house.

We did a lot of phonics work this week. This is something that we were slacking on a little and have gotten caught up and back in the game. (More about this in another post, but it is with the help of a fabulous Homeschool Planner and a fabulous Ready 2 Read curriculum).
Working on a sight word caterpillar (again more in another post). :)
Vowel practice.
More vowel practice. Here she is working on short vowel sounds a, e, i, and o.
Color coding sight words.
Loving our math graphing. It was pretty fun because these colors all represent real people that she knows. :)
Anyway, that was the gist of our Kindergarten week. We also did a whole lot of fun fall crafts, but I think I'm going to put those in another post because there are so many pictures due to her brothers doing them too. Hope everyone else had a good week! Happy blogging.


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  1. those are not lame flamingos :) she sure looks happy with all of these lessons

  2. How fun, I don't think I've ever seen anyone post about flamingos! Very cool I would love for you to link up at my linky party -

  3. LOVE flamingos! My 5 month old is being one for Halloween! Great activities! :)