Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Fun Trays

I just finished putting together our fall trays. A little later than I wanted, but still plenty of fall left! :)

Color sorting for Silas. Love these little sparkly ornaments and I think that he will too.
I think that this will be a favorite for Asa and Silas. My dad had a whole bunch of pink insulation board in his garage. I took it, cut it into squares and now we have lovely hammering bases. I stapled a pumpkin on this one to follow the fall theme. I did this activity in church (only with a church pic on it) and the littles LOVED it. The nails are golf tees. AND if you remember a prior disaster that I had with an activity similar to this (i.e. dents in my table...), please note that the insulation board is WAY thicker than the styrofoam I was using before. lol
Transferring kernels. Got these cute little dishes at either a Goodwill or a garage sale.
This is the Roll a Jack O' Lantern I made from this post. Feel free to visit it for more detail about it. I will say that the church littles really had a lot of fun with it.
Oh dear...I NEED new trays...I say that a lot don't I. This is a leaf counting activity.
Push the cupcake toppers into the floral foam (I dislike this stuff...but have a lot of it so I feel the need to use it).
Leaf Matching. This printout is from PreKinders We love our pocket charts. This is one of the cheap ones from the Target Dollar Spot. I would say that it is one of our favorite items and would recommend them to anybody!
This is learning the pumpkin life cycle. This printout is from Montessori For Everyone. Looking at this picture I realized that I need to add some arrows, or it will be the classic "What came first the chicken or the egg?" scenario. :)
I've seen this on several different blogs in the past. This is our spider sifting. Spider rings from Target Dollar Spot, rice from Meijer, towel from our closet, and slotted spoons from our kitchen drawer. I am already anticipating this being a favorite (and a huge mess). :)
The rest of these printables can be found at 2 Teaching Mommies. They have recently made a really cute Monster unit. This game I plan to use as they intended. It's a Monster Mash. I will say a letter (or a phonic sound) and Asa will find the letter and mash it. If we do the phonic sound I may just put out 5 letters at a time. He is really going to like this.
Just the standard pre-writing tray. P.S. sorry for these poor pictures. I'll say it yet again I am not a photographer by any sad. I've been using a new camera and don't know how to use it (as Zak so kindly likes to point out lol).
They have added a Which is Different sheet to their units. I thought this might be something fun Asa would like since he is ALWAYS begging for more school work.
Roll a graph is always a favorite with Asa. He loves the big dice. Another highly recommended tool for preschool from us. We use it for so many different things.
This is new from 2 Teaching Mommies as well. It is their letter stamping strips. I'm going to leave them as a page for Asa, and cut them up for Silas. Asa can handle more than one letter at a time. I think that they will really like this.
Here is the fun part where I get to re-use something from earlier this year! You can see it more in this post. Basically it's a matching game for all the kiddos to play. They draw a picture and then place it in front of the matching picture. They enjoyed this when we did it the first time, so I'm hoping they will enjoy it again.
That's it! Will be back next week to show them in action. Happy blogging!


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  1. Love all your fun activities! Can I come to your school =-) The golf tees & hammer are my fav! I would love for you to link up at
    ~ Beth

  2. am sad no pictures of my favorite part of school- the kids! :(

  3. Hopping over from tot school! I love all your trays! I'm still new to homeschooling (especially for the tot) and am so nervous to start trays! You've given me some great ideas!!

  4. Great ideas, thanks for sharing on Montessori Monday!

  5. Love all of the trays. I would love to have space to leave trays out all the time but sadly where we live now I can`t so I bring them out when I can or we do other activities.

    Love the spider sifting activity the best!

  6. You have so many great activities! I love that you have creative seasonal ideas for a number of curriculum areas! When you mentioned needing new trays, I couldn't help but wonder if you've tried using bleach to remove stains. You'd have to test the surface, but I had great luck with bleach for removing stains from tables, shelves, and trays as a teacher. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: