Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roll a Jack o' Lantern

Sorry if it seems that I have been really sporadic in my posts lately. I noticed last year at this time I was having difficulty buckling down and doing school (and blogging). I think that I'm coming out of the funk quicker this year though. It is a good thing that we started school as early as we did otherwise we would be way behind. So my question to my readers....Do you ever burn out/slow down? What do you do to avoid said funk? AND What helps you get out of it once you're there?

Anyway, onto the fun little game that I spent my evening last night making. I originally got this idea from Pink and Green Mama. She has a lot of fun ideas on her blog! And kudos to Pinterest for actually helping me remember where I found it! lol

POINT OF GAME: Roll the die (just one) and add the feature (eyes, nose, mouth, nothing, stem or eyebrows) onto your felt pumpkin 'game board'. The first person to create their face wins. Pretty simple. :)

Last night I spent a lot of time finding templates, printing templates, cutting, tracing onto felt, cutting, painting, cutting, gluing, cutting, gluing, cutting, some writing, and then touch ups. This is the final product....and I love it! Just a note: I made so many pumpkins because I'm taking this little game to church tonight for the littles to play (I teach 3-5yr olds on Wed. nights).
I bought these wooden die at Hobby Lobby and painted them black. Then glued (almost decoupaged) the pumpkins and their feature to add on them. You can also see the pumpkin stems in this pic above the die.
This is what took me forever! I googled jack o' lantern templates and went through them to find the friendliest/happiest versions. Tracing onto the black was a pain. I had to use chalk and white crayons...yellow would have been much easier (this was my thought half way through cutting out the black lol) Then you have to cut them all out. I was disillusioned as to how long this would take me (I'm WAY too much of a perfectionist).
This is just the fun pile of 'game boards'
Well, that's it. I'm taking it to church tonight. It will also be set up in our schoolroom to play with throughout the next couple weeks. Happy blogging!


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  1. This is SO CUTE!!! I love the dice especially. Thanks for sharing it!! As far as the funk...last fall I got into a pretty good funk due to some stuff going on with our housing and then moving. As my DD wasnt even technically school age and there was no reason I HAD to blog, I just didnt do either one. Seriously. There is no reason why you cant take a break-other then that I'd miss you. But, as long as you promise to come back (at LEAST by yard sale season if not before)...there isnt any reason not to break. I think the Lord sometimes just wants us to focus on something specific for a time and thats okay. Anyways, how's that for a book? :)