Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Time Fun

My parents have a cottage on a pretty little lake. We went there to visit one weekend in September. This little lake is fun in the fact that I have two aunts who also have places there....which means my cousins are there often. I'm looking forward to next summer to spending time there with my parents and my extended family (I love being close!) I have a whole bunch of pictures to show for it so bear with me! :)
We went on a pontoon ride around the lake (Thank you Aunt Robin!)
Asa's life jacket was a little big. :)
Silas and I enjoying the wasn't as chilly as these pictures make it look.
My very handsome Zak.
Silas got in trouble....this is his 'I'm giving you attitude' look.
My dad and Annabelle at the helm (is that boat jargon?).
My mom and Asa.
We went to a really fun little farm. We didn't go pick apples, but we did a lot of other things. It is pretty much free (or by donation). I'm sure apple picking costs money, but this was such a fun frugal afternoon!
Feeding the goats....
Silas was particularly interested in the little baby goats.
I thought that this was a really frilly looking chicken.
Little baby piglets. So cute.... That'll do pig...that'll do. :)
They had a wooden train, tractor, and truck. Silas really enjoyed these.
Huge pipe slide.
Coming down.
They had an old firetruck there for the kids to climb on and play with (and a boat).

This was my favorite part. I have never been to or heard of anything like this (I'm sure it's out there...I'm just not as versed in zoos and such). They had a room full of parakeets and you could buy a birdseed stick for $1.00 and the birds would fly right onto your stick and eat. It was pretty cool.....if you're into that kind of thing.

I'm a dork....I get so excited about such silly things. lol
They LOVED my mom's shoes for some reason. They weren't doing this to anyone else. We still don't know why.
Annabelle loves horses.

Back at the cottage we were able to just sit and relax and have a good time (at least I was busy entertaining the troops).
My grandparents came up for a visit. I am so very fortunate to have pretty much the best grandparents ever. Such a blessing that my littles will know what amazing people they are. LOVE THEM!!!
Fun times!!! Happy blogging!

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  1. I would have been excited about the parakeets too! Very cool! I've never been anywhere that has something like that!