Monday, October 3, 2011

Swamps: Salmon

We're getting so close to being done in the swamps! We will be finishing it up next week...which is good because I still want it to be fall with beautiful colors on the leaves when we hit the Woods unit.

These are pictures of her alligator and salmon pages in her Animals Notebook. Can I just say that I LOVE her alligator drawing. I think it is by far my favorite one. She really turned a corner during this drawing and loved using the colors for it.
We discussed the difference between crocodiles and alligators, and learned where both were located.
She was pretty excited to show off her salmon picture that she was working on.
Did you know that salmon start to decay before they actually die....really, quite gross.
We also learned that out of 8000 eggs (on average) only 2 live to adult hood to return to the stream of their birth to lay eggs!!
Love this picture. :) This was a little experiment to show the function mangrove roots (prop roots). If there were no prop roots mangrove trees would be incredibly easy to blow over.....
However, add some roots and the tree is much more sturdy. She was having a hard time blowing because she was giggling so much.

We also talked about the ground in a swamp. Even though it looks solid it could give away at any second and you would start feeling like you were sinking ( are sinking).
Balancing on the little patch of swamp ground.
She looks frightened in this picture, but really she is just sounding out the word CAT to figure out the next letter.
I bought a pack of fake mustaches and the kids found them and were having a lot of fun with them.
So much fun! Happy blogging.


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  1. Love the example of the tree roots using the pipe cleaners on the pencil. What a great idea! I am a new follower from Preschool Corner. Vicky from

  2. Oh I love how hands-on the activities in this post are - standing on swamp ground, the tree and its roots - so great!! And that alligator is adorable, most likely the cutest alligator ever.:)
    Eww about the salmon decomposing though - bleck!