Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 19: CHRISTMAS!!!! Review A-G, 1-10

I'm back and feeling totally refreshed!! As said previously I'm missing my Nov./Dec. crayon so no crayon date for you....but it is the week of December 6. :) I want to start off by sharing my incredible new contraption. This is my Scotch laminator hard at work. I am super excited about this little guy. It takes a laminating job that I would've done in 2.5 hours give or take and crunches it into 20 minutes tops! I am very pleased to say the least. So here is my new little buddy......

All of December we will be focusing on the birth of Jesus and celebrating God's greatest gift to us, salvation. I have plenty of fun activities that I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks, and a few are included in this post. I also got out our Little People Nativity set. I think that it is so important to have a set that kids can play with, ours is very loved. It is so sweet to watch them take set up the manger scene and tell the story in their own words. One of my favorite parts of Christmas thus far.

Annabelle is reviewing the letters A-G this week. We are doing a deeper focus on the letters Ff and Gg because these letters were new to us before our break and she is having difficulty remembering their phonic sounds. We will be reviewing the fish activities that I previously posted. She also will be working on the gumball games that were previously posted. Here are pictures of the finished gumball games. I got the idea to use pom poms instead of paper gumballs from another blogging mom. I think it turned out much more interesting than the original activity.

The Big G, little g sort. As always, these are way too easy for Annabelle but it really is just for recognition purposes.
This is a fun game that I printed off from......I don't remember where. Really simple, easy game. Roll the dice and identify which number was rolled. 6 is the number of the month so this will be a fun game to learn more about the number 6 with.
New window clings from the Target Dollar Spot. Annabelle and Asa really enjoy decorating our window with things like these. I always find fun seasonal ones at Target or the Dollar Tree.

Here are a couple of Asa's trays for the week. I'm sure Annabelle will join in with this first one. Found these fun stamp sets at the Dollar Tree. The kids have done stamping before and LOVED it. I hope that they have as much fun with the Christmas stamps.

These Christmas cards have matching envelopes. The goal is to put the card into the corresponding envelope and then put them into our cute wooden Melissa and Doug mailbox (not pictured, just got it off of Craigslist!). I'm interested to see if he can get the cards into the envelopes without ruining them.

Lastly, here are Silas' trays. I think that all three of them will absolutely adore these bells, and I may just regret setting them out by the end of the week. lol There are two really big bells in the red present box. This tray cost me all of $3.00....everything is from the Dollar Tree!

One-to-one correspondence. One pom pom to each tree
Don't tell anyone, but these balls are actually dog toys.....sssshhhhh. Actually our dog has never touched them. Silas really loves balls. These were cheap in the Target Dollar Spot and they are so colorful I couldn't resist them. I think he will have a good time with them. Better get ready to play catch this week, it's one of his favorite games.

Well, that about wraps up that. lol I am going to try to get right back in here with the regular blogging schedule. So hopefully I will have a post for you on Wednesday. Happy blogging!

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