Saturday, February 26, 2011

Esau, Jacob, and the letter Nn

We had a really laid back week here in our household. i didn't have nearly enough activities planned for the letter Nn so we did a lot of reviewing and working on numbers (Annabelle's favorite....not really).

Yes, we took Monday off to just hang out. I was watching my nephew Jude and it always had to concentrate when there is a little friend here to play.

In Bible this week we've been talking a lot about Jacob and Esau. The first lesson was about God answering Isaac and Rebekah's prayers and giving them not one but two sons. It is important to me that my little ones to know that God hears our prayers and cares about us. The worksheets that I used throughout this week can be found at Henny Penny's. I really love this site for supplemental resources. Here is Annabelle working really hard on her coloring.
This is her finished worksheet. We added the tears and the praying hands to Isaac. Annabelle colored the babies and stuck them in the 'blanket' pockets I made for them.
Working on one of the counting games that I put together for her. This one can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.
We ended the day playing with the sensory bin. I changed it up a little and threw in 1+1+1=1 Lovebug Match cards and had her find them and match them to the sheet. She really enjoys this type of activity!

Today we talked about how Esau and Jacob were very different from each other, and that God makes each one of us unique with our own special talents and abilities. This worksheet (Annabelle's is on the right) consisted of coloring deer and sheep and pasting them by the correct brother. Esau liked to hunt and Jacob stayed close to home. Notice Annabelle's upside down pink deer....she said that Esau caught one. lol
Sorting N from n. Printout found at Confessions of a Homeshcooler.
I drew the numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper and Annabelle counted the eggs in the nest and stuck it onto the correct number. After this we flipped to a blank sheet of paper and she put the nests in numerical order all by herself. These can be found at the same Confessions link from above.
This is an activity that I made up a while ago. She fed the correct number of worms (pieces of yarn) to the little chicks in the nests. I wish that I had made 11-20. This is something that I may have to go back and do. She is pretty solid with the numbers 1-10.
Annabelle really appreciates any hands on activity like this. It makes math much more fun for her. Is Math U See the only hands on math curriculum out there?
I couldn't get a good picture of her playing this game. I just wrote the numbers 10-15 in an egg carton container. In this picture I have bingo chips in there, but pony beads worked better. Annabelle would close up the lid, shake the egg carton, open the lid, and tell me which numbers the beads landed on. She is starting to get better at recognizing some of these numbers, but still needs help about 60% of the time. I hoping that repetitive playing of fun games like this will help tremendously (and me not get frustrated with her probably helps too).
Teamwork. I really like when Annabelle and Asa can complete an activity together without fighting. I was really proud of them for working together and finishing this puzzle with barely any bickering.
The finished masterpiece.....and then they did it about 10 more times.
Today our Bible lesson was about how Jacob tricked Esau into giving away his birthright, and then tricked (lied) to Isaac about who he was. We talked about how wrong it is to lie and that we should always tell the truth. It was also nice to tie it back into our 'love lessons' that we've been doing. Love delights in truth. We did a funny little craft with this lesson and made hairy arm bands, similar to what Jacob did....minus the goat hair. lol
She thought it was funny that anyone would want to have hairy arms in the first place.
Decorating our letter Nn with number stickers.

We also had fun with nuts. I had two bags, one with N and the other with n. Her and Asa sorted them out.
Annabelle thought that the nuts were dirty and disgusting (those were her exact words). Notice the dainty way she is picking them up as to not get her fingers gross. The peanuts were clean I tell you....and they tasted good too! I didn't dare mention that these little guys are used to make peanut butter. :)
We talked about Jacob's dream of a ladder going up into heaven. We talked about how Jesus is our direct way to Heaven and that we can come to God because of Him. A little over her head, but just got to keep planting those seeds in her heart. This is the worksheet we did with it. The ladder is made out of toothpicks.
Lowercase n worksheet.
Well, that's pretty much it for this week. I do have one more Jacob and Esau lesson. The one about how Esau forgives Jacob for what had transpired between them. I'm hoping to do that with her tomorrow between church services. Happy blogging.


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  1. Loving all your ideas for Teaching the letter n and the number recognition games!! will definatly be pinching some of your ideas next week!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I love the nests and worms and the nut sorting! Great ideas!