Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 3

Ok, so I finally have a few minutes to blog! It was a busy week/weekend for us with Zak coming home from Italy. I am ecstatic to say that he no longer has to travel for his job, and after 15 loooonnnggg months we can finally be a 'normal' family again! On to the good finds.

A friend of mine was having a sale on Thursday. Her kids are just above mine in clothing size so I knew that this was a do not miss sale for me. I am so glad that I went! I also went to an overpriced neighborhood sale (fantastic neighborhood). I found a few gems there but mostly it seemed like people were trying to make money rather than get rid of things, which is unfortunate for me. lol :)

I've mentioned before my obsession with floor puzzles. I got these two for $1.50. They've already been put together and taken apart several times.
I got all of these clothes for Annabelle.....I got these most at my friends sale and I wrote her a check for $18 total (Isn't that pink swimming suit just so cute!). However, the brown Old Navy coat upper middle I got at a different sale for $4.00
These were also from my friends sale. These are some great finds for Asa. I am a big fan of dress shirts can you tell?
The cute shorts Annabelle is wearing are from my friends sale too. The tee and bats were a really fun find at the overpriced neighborhood sale (at one of the houses that had great prices). I paid a total of $2.50 for them and know they will get a lot of use this summer! We do have different balls to hit off of it rather than this football though. lol
Two Brain Quest packs (one preschool and one kindergarten), dinosaur lacing cards, and Hungry Hippos game. Everything in this picture was $1.00 a piece. I have never seen BQ packs at that good of a price anywhere!
11 books at a $.25 a piece and one with magnets (never opened) for $1.00! I was really happy to find the Baby Bear, Baby Bear book (it's hardcover!), and White Rabbits color book.
This is my pride and joy this week. I did not get it at a garage sale, but it was purchased used on a curriculum forum. It is the GeoSafari Phonics Pad. It is scheduled into Annabelle's K curriculum for next year. I was just going to bypass it because to buy it new it could cost anywhere between $130-$150!! I must admit it was really annoying me that it was scheduled everyday and I didn't own it. lol I found it for $75 (including shipping)! It is in fantastic conditions and it came with batteries. I'm pretty pumped! :))

GRAND TOTAL = $32.25 (without the GeoSafari)

Seeing that GeoSafari reminds me that I wanted to write a post about the K curriculum that I'm going to be starting in June. I should start taking pics for it! If you are interested in seeing what deals other people got this week....or if you want to share your fantastic finds head on over to My Life on a Taffy Pull and check it out! Happy blogging.



  1. Amazing! I hope I find some good stuff this week! My suburb is having city-wide garage sales and I'm even having one! I'm going to let my teens run it while I go treasure hunting! I can't wait! I'm doing that making money/spending money thing again! ha!

  2. good finds! I will buy any floor puzzle I find too! We were going to have our yard sale this weekend, but a nice neighborhood near us is having their big sale. I am worried that the prices will be too high though, even for a rummage.