Friday, June 10, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 7

Had a good time garage saling this week. I really missed it last week, but our sale was very successful (almost paid for our wooden swingset that we bought the kids. I want to do a post on that, but Zak is still trying to find the time to squeeze in to set it up (estimated 10-14hrs with 2 people!). Hopefully by next weekend it will be good to go. Anyway, I had a fun. Thursday evening I went with my mom and the kiddos to a couple different sales. Friday morning my good friend came over to watch the kids while I got out of the house and had some quiet time, some cold, wet, rainy quiet time. lol Thanks Jill!! :))

Onto the spoils.....
Annabelle saw these roller skates and absolutely had to have them. She asked so nice I told her yes. She even asked the lady how much they were all by herself. $3 for good skates plus elbow and knee pads. Do people still roller skate? lol

I also found this almost brand new Easy Bake oven for $5. Just have to run to Wal-Mart and get some goodie mixes. I contemplated this for a while because we do let her bake with us so why do we need an easy bake oven. I knew that she would really love all these miniature goodies that she will be able to make with this. It will be fun to do on the next rainy afternoon.
I found some great girls clothing. Unfortunately most were bigger sizes than what I was looking for and a tad pricey. I did pick up this really cute sweater that will look great with a long sleeve shirt under it this fall. Also a pair of dress shoes. $2
Boy clothes were difficult to find this weekend. I went to one sale and the wanted $1 for t-shirts. Granted they were GAP, but still.....meh. I did buy those ADORABLE plaid pants at that sale though for $2....they are GAP. I would normally not spend that much, but I must confess any plaid pant/short I am sold. Completely sold, doesn't matter if I have 15 pair of plaid shorts already.....I have a problem. lol 6 shirts $3.00, 5 pair of unders $1, and a pair of jammies $1
Ok, if you get bored looking at books the rest of this post is not for you. Otherwise, proceed. I was particularly excited about The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby, and Owl Moon.
This one I was really excited about the Little House Songbook, Don't Frighten the Lion, and the Beatrix Potter Treasury. I also got completely new dot-to-dot books and a hidden pictures book for .25 (total!) $2.
I really did well at one garage sale. In the back corner underneath a pile of stuff I found some early education teacher books.....brand new condition, recent editions for .50 a piece. This picture is the phonics books that I bought. There is a set of 12 Dora first readers that I paid $1 for. Fun Phonics set: Puzzles & Games, Cut & Paste, and Mini-Books. Complete Letter Book, and a book full of ideas to go along with popular book titles. Very. Excited. To look. Through. These. :) $4.00
These are the math books that I bought from that same sale. Measurement, Clockwise (yeah!), Money (exciting), Kinderfolders (full of file folder games to make if I want to), Math Fun and Games. $2.50
I also bought a few cook books in new condition. I really have all the best intentions to start cooking. lol The book in the lower right corner is a Smoothie recipe book (really cool and easy recipes!). $1.50
I also bought this large basket for $1. Our book basket bit the dust this last week (may it rest in peace). I think this will be a good replacement, especially after I spray paint it black.
Ok....last picture. I bought some stuff for myself. I usually tend to find only basics at garage sales for me, but that is ok.....a girl's gotta have her basics. :) These items were .50 a piece. A couple skirts (stretchy, comfy ones that will get me out of pj's lol). Cute tunic shirt (gray and teal in the pic....doesn't do it justice). Light gray LC (Kohls) sweater with cute ruffles around the bottom. Apt. 9 (Kohls) black shirt, Apt 9 summer top....cute brown and red paisley thing in the bottom right. $3.50
Also not pictured is about 40 quart canning jars that I got for $5 (very clean!). Along with cooking more I also have the best intentions to start gardening (next summer), and canning. It is such a huge investment upfront so I thought if I could find some nice used jars it would knock a little start up money off the top.


.....huh, a little more than what I thought. :) I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. Head on over there to see how everyone else did on their ventures or share your treasures! Happy blogging.



  1. Oh Good Job Jess! I love the plaid pants too! And little homeschooled boys won't mind wearing them! :o) You found lots of great books! And I love it when I find clothes for myself at garage sales! There was one sale that had my size stuff, but it was one of those extremely expensive sales-$50.00 for a jacket, $20.00 for a blouse. Whatever!

  2. My jada needs elbow pads. Good finds!

  3. I'm drooling over your curriculum finds! AWESOME!!!

  4. the story of those plaid pants will go down in history :)

  5. Wow! It looks like you have great sales in your area. I've never been able to find educational type items at yard sales near us. Thankfully, I have been able to find lots of tot school type items, but I'm hoping to find some great things for preschool this summer :)

    I just found you through Counting Coconuts and I'm now your newest blog follower.