Friday, August 5, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 15

Alright, I haven't been to an 'I love everything here and I'm going to break the bank' garage sale in a long time. Starting to get a little disappointed driving around every week and not finding much....but for some reason I still go. lol I'm really hoping that they will pick up again for the next couple weeks. If not I will sadly have to wait until next spring. :)

Here is the rundown of what I found today. Even though I just ranted I did find some great stuff today that I am excited to share. :)

A good friend of mine was having a sale today and I stopped by her place. Thank you dear friend for wearing cute, fashionable clothes....and then selling them to me at a fantastic price! :) There are 5 maxi dresses in this pic (so comfortable to wear to the beach and around the house), 2 really cute summery dresses, a white cardigan (to wear over said dresses), a pretty lavender shirt, an incredibly cute black shirt that I will wear with flats and leggings, a pretty necklace, and two more fantastic shirts that will go great with my skinnies. All for $15, thanks friend!!
I was able to find some things for Asa and Silas. AND one shirt for Annabelle. lol I could've found more for her at my friends sale. I was just too preoccupied finding stuff for me and my kids were ready to be done. $5.75 for the clothes. I also found another crib sheet/toddler bed sheet for .25. :)
I didn't find much in terms of books this week. Did happen upon a hardcover copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear though. We only own the board book (what's left of it). Millions of Cats is one that I remember from my childhood. Also found 3 American Girl books! I liked the Kids Learn America book too. It has a page or two for each state that tells a little about it. It will come in handy when we're learning about that in a couple years. $4.00 for all of them.
Kind of a lame picture. lol As you can see my littles were excited about playing with the new merchandise. :) I found this little weaving loom kit with lots of extra bands for $1.00. The bands will be nice for the geoboards too. These little blocks were .50. I didn't notice that some had pictures on the shapes and some didn't. I think I will just end up taking them all off....I kind of like them blank better.
Another lame picture. :) Found some beanies for .25 a piece. These are the mini ones from the McDonald's happy meals. They were all still packaged. I found a lion and elephant. I was pretty excited about those. Too bad we won't need them again any time soon....we just finished our Savannah unit. The ones still in the packages will be stocking stuffers for Annabelle (she loves little mini toys). The snake was bought to appease the worked for a while. :) $2.50
P.S. Was excited to find a whole tote of beanies to dig through at a garage sale. I was sure there was a fantastic variety in it. Totally bummed to see the price marked at $3.00 a piece!! Seriously?! You can buy them cheaper off of Ebay (including shipping). I wanted to say something to her, but didn't. She is going to be stuck with a tote full of beanies at the end of her sale. I may stop by there tomorrow to see if she's marked them down at all since she is right around the corner from our house.

This is a hand painted lily pad tray (that still needs to be cleaned). I can just hear Zak saying, "Why do you need that?" :) We are starting a swamp unit soon and I thought it would be fun to have in the little stuffed animal play area, plus it will be fun to have for any future pond themes. $1.00 (a little pricey....but I really liked it and couldn't set it down).
A fun kitchen rug for in front of the sink. $1.50
I was really excited about this area rug. It is 8x5. I've been saying that I wanted a rug for our school room so we didn't have to sit on the wood floor for tot school (I'm getting sore in my old age!). This is a beautiful rug. Dark gray and beige, very calming. Looks brand new, no wear at all. $15
And my final purchase of the day was this really fun mini trampoline for $10. I've seen a couple of them and thought they would be fun, but people were asking $30-$40 for them! The kids are enjoying it....a lot. I might enjoy it tonight after they're in pictures will be taken of me though. :)
GRAND TOTAL: $56.50 (the most I've spent in a while!)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else found this weekend. If you have something to share head on over to My Life on a Taffy Pull and link up. I really enjoy seeing how everyone else did. Happy blogging!



  1. Well, I think you did pretty good! I didn't even spend $20! I've been looking for a trampoline like that too. I've never seen a pink one! Great find! I also LOVE the clothes you found for yourself, such a treat!

  2. I am loving the rug and those dresses. Great scores! Oh and let me not forget the argyle sweated for little guy - it is way too cute.

  3. Ok, I am VERY jealous of your finds! First off, the dresses are super cute! (I could definitely use more dresses in my wardrobe! I need to get better about shopping for me when I am out!) Second, that lily pad tray is awesome for schooling and I would have totally paid $1 for it too! Third, I am always on the lookout for rugs in the kitchen and as well as big rugs for the house. You found two in one day! And last but not least, that trampoline is awesome!! My inlaws have one and whenever we go over there, it's the first thing my girls ask for. Great week! :)

  4. If I'm not mistaken, Millions of Cats was one of the first illustrated children's books. I think... children's literature class was long ago.

  5. ok, I find that to be false... but I remember there was something special about it. It's going to drive me crazy.

  6. Love the adorable tops and dresses you found!! You are going to be one well dressed momma :).