Thursday, August 4, 2011


I posted the other day about how we bought a birdbath. I was feeling like it was a big waste of $30 dollars since no birds wanted to bathe in it. Then it happened. This morning around 8am I noticed some fluttering outside our window.....this little lady just hopped right up there and took a drink.

I grabbed my camera (while moving at a snail's pace) and hoped that no child would come yelling into the room asking for breakfast. I was able to snap this picture. :)

Obviously there has been more than one bird there...I thought only toddlers pooped in the bath. :) I have also spotted a male and female cardinal bathing today. Now that it has been used and enjoyed they'll spread the word to all their peeps and we'll have a nice community bird bath in our front yard. :) Happy blogging.



  1. ducks poop in the bath too....and their drinking water..... eeeewwwww :) at least toddlers don't do that!

  2. ahh.. I've been wanting a bird bath too! We have tons of bluejays around our house. I think we are soooo alike! :)