Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lest Anyone Think.....

Just in case anyone out there thinks that I'm super mom and that I have it all together.....that my days and routines run like a well oiled machine.....let me show you a piece of my world that happens after school is done. Please keep in mind that I have 3-5 kids here every day ages 8, 5, 3, 3, and 2 (so personal responsibility is not a huge factor at this moment in their precious little lives).

This is my view walking out of the school room.
*My boys got changed in the hallway this morning. They were too eager to get into the school room to pick up their jammies I guess (and I was too busy to notice apparently).
*Enter Jude at 11:45 who stripped his coat off at the entrance to the school room.
*Towel from a water spill ......
*plus toys from upstairs that get thrown down the stairs throughout the day....
*plus the Target toy catalog that my littles confiscated from the table (yeah I'm going to buy you more toys with this mess in my house!).
Oh my word....
*Lunch today was something else. Silas really enjoyed eating MY cottage cheese the other day. I thought I would give him his own little bowl today....not so much. Apparently it's only worthy of eating if it's mine.
*My beloved laminator that I use pretty much every day during lunch time.
Hurricane Silas likes to throw everything off the tables....this unfortunately happens more than once a day. The crayons and puzzles are there to keep him busy. They kept him busy....just not in the way I was hoping for.
This living room gets absolutely trashed and I don't even know what to do about it. I do not clean this up by myself. This room is for the most part the kids responsibility to keep clean.
Although Amos looks guilty he is actually innocent in all of this clutter.....every single toy....out of place. lol
This is our kitchen table.....this is actually a current sweep of our a huge pile of stuff that is getting donated.
This is my lovely sensory bin that I have yet to put away (it's been sitting here for 2 days now).
One of the kitchen counters....
*Breakfast and lunch....
* Empty bag of crackers (that was our snack)
*The flour is out to remind me to make play-doh at some point in the near future.
This was breakfast. If I was awesome I would clean this before school starts. If I did that....well, we would never start school. lol
These are a couple of my 'hot spots' where things just seem to collect no matter how often I clean them. This is the computer where I blog, lesson plan, cut, laminate, cut, ebay list, ship, etc. I hate it all cluttered like this....but I can't seem to find a place to put everything. have a room full of shelving.....I would be in heaven! :) As you can see I am in the blogging/planning mode when this pic was taken.
This is where I package things and gather supplies for upcoming school weeks. I also keep my source of strength here too (my gets me through the day I'm pretty sure!).
Anyway, I wanted this post to do a couple things....1) Make you feel like you're not doing so bad because you're house looks a gazillion times better than this throughout the day. :) OR 2) Let you know that you are not alone in the mayhem of what is life.

Something has got to give somewhere in the grand scheme of things. I will say that I am far more balanced than I was even 2 months ago. Hopefully it is a learned process and will keep getting better. Fortunately for the most part I am able to straighten things up and get them not looking so shabby in the afternoons before Zak gets home. Another bonus is that if I happen to not get it looking so hot before he gets here he loves me enough to love me anyway. :) Be encouraged! You're not alone!! Happy blogging.



  1. I am so glad to not be alone! I might have to show these to my husband to prove that I'm not the only person who has a crazy house sometimes!

  2. It drives me crazy how every time I turn around this is what I see. It's a losing battle. My dear husband seems to have 0 problem with it. He says it's not even worth it to fight it.... where would the poor man be without me :)

  3. Do you take care of somebody else's children during the day as well? You are SO busy! When my kids leave stuff laying around like that I pitch it! I'm a meany...I know, but it would make me crazy otherwise! My husband could care less if the house is clean either, he just wants me happy! :o) I can tell your children are well-cared for! Keep up the good work!

  4. Ah I needed this! Monday I had a bad case of the dumps and just felt soooo not put together. It really is helpful to know I'm not alone. :) My Bible is my lifeline too-- sometimes I just need to turn everything off and just spend extra time there!