Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 4

Such a fun weekend of garage sales!  I went out on Thursday and Friday and found some really nice things.

We are expecting a baby in August.  I have no idea what gender this little one is going to be.  I do know that we got rid of ALL of our baby things last summer in our garage sale so that we could buy a nice swing set for the kids.  I've been trying not to let the 'oh this is so cute' factor interfere with my garage sales and adorable little kids clothing.  I could not resist at this sale.  Adorable clothes at even better prices.  If I knew for sure I would be having a little girl I would've bought the whole sale!  These 7 pieces of like brand new clothing only cost me $5.75....less then a dollar a piece.  Now if I have a little girl at least she will have some clothes to wear. :)
Found a few cloths for Annabelle.  Hello Kitty jammies, a dress and skirt, couple pair of pants, pair of sparkly shoes, and a random pair of water shoes for my parents new cottage on a lake. $7
A couple maternity shirts for me and a fun belt to give me a waist while I'm wearing them (I wear it above my belly)....and having a shape while you are pregnant makes you feel so much better! $3
I love this little find.  A lot of 25 Country Living and Martha Stewart Living magazines...all .10 a $2.50 for all!
Some random books/movies.  I bought that .50 bag all for the dice....they are a great size for little hands to use during school.  $2.75 for this pic...
On Friday I had a list of 10-15 sales.....I only made it to the very first one (which was a block sale).  I spent all my money there and was very happy with everything that I was able to find.

  Found another US coloring book for .25!  Also love the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs for .25!  I almost bought that book off Amazon last week....glad I waited.  Caps For Sale was another on my list.  The Curious George collection kind of got cut off.  That was $1.00 and all the books in it come with it on CD (Excited about that one).  $4.75
This garage sale was fun.  Lots and lots of balls.  This place had 3 bins FULL of balls....the guy said that this was only half of what they had!  Bonus: They were all blown up and ready to be played with. $4.25 for all of seriously cannot beat that price unless someone is giving away nice balls for free!
Nice clean bath toys.  My kids have been complaining about our lack of bath toys (which was zero), so I was happy to find these. $4.75
I LOVE this many fun things.  Random book that didn't make it into the other picture, Spin Art $2, new dot markers $1, Moon Sand .50 for 3 new tubs (will be going in stockings), bean bags .10, stencils $1.00, Melissa and Doug horse stamps $2, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD  $1.25.
GRAND TOTAL:  $43.85 (about $13 more than I wanted to spend....but I really don't know what I would cut out....)

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  1. Dot paints for a buck? What a steal! Nice finds this week! Thanks for linking up and happy mother's day!

  2. You did have a great weekend!! We didnt even get to go out :(. I'm looking forward to getting back into the yard sale action.

  3. good finds! wow! I love when I find such nice books and school materials. It's a shame people aren't using them, but good for us to fins them in such nice condition! I always say they must have been aunt gifts.