Monday, July 2, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures

Hello all my neglected blog world friends.  We have been so busy here!  I have not had the time I wanted to have to blog....I've also not had the time I wanted to do school.  We've been doing our basic schooling  2-3 times a week (math, reading) but we haven't been doing anything fun to make a blog post about it interesting (unless you think that looking at a dozen completed math sheets is interesting).  Anyway, garage sales.....I only got to go one day last week and didn't get much....just some books.  This week I went a couple days, but the kids weren't too into it so I tried not to take too long for their sake (plus it was super hot and we don't have working AC in the van).  I did manage to snag a few great things.

This first picture turned out to be $6.50 total for the books and the U.S. puzzle.  I particularly LOVE the set of Little House books for $3.00!  It isn't the complete set, but it is only missing a couple books.  I have the complete set from when I was is just so used and loved it is falling apart so finding these like new ones for .50 a piece gave me a big smile.  Can't wait to start reading them with Annabelle this fall/winter.
Hit not 1 but 2 garage sales with boys 4T and 5T clothing.  I NEVER see this size at garage sales so I scooped up a lot.  One sale was pricier (like consignment sale pricing), but I must say that their things were quality name brand items that looked new so I really didn't mind paying more than I usually would.  I just kept telling myself....'this is cheaper than paying retail.....this is cheaper than paying retail'. :)  The other sale was pricing that I liked a lot more.  7 long sleeve shirts, 1 sweater, 2 pair 'play' pants, 2 pair dress pants.....
.....4 t-shirts, 2 short sleeve dress shirts, 5 swim suits (3 are 5T for next year), 2 swim shirts (so nice to have!), 4 pair of shorts, and 2 hats.....all for $29!!  I guess I shouldn't have complained about the price because this is a fantastic price for 31 articles of clothing.  Guess the inexpensive sale evened out the expensive sale.
This is a fun maternity maxi dress for me. $3 and super comfy!
3 baskets at .25 a piece (can never have enough nice baskets for random, toys, desk organization), Thomas backpack for Silas for 1.00, New diaper bag for me 3.00, Iron man will go into the Christmas pile $2, huge bag of dinosaurs, $2, small snack bowls .50 for all, and a puzzle for the boys .25.
That was it for me the last couple weeks.  I won't be able to go this weekend as we will be out of town again.  Hope everyone has a great time celebrating the 4th of July.  Happy blogging!

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  1. Yay for boy clothes! I think you did great! And LOVE the maxi dress!

    Sorry your AC doesn't work. Our windows don't work in our Suburban, the AC only works on 2 or higher. If that goes out I'm afraid will suffocate! lol Non-working windows has decreased our visits to the drive-thru quite a bit though! :)