Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Grade...where did the time go?

 I can hardly believe that Annabelle is 6.  I remember so sweet and little very vividly.  She's still sweet.....and quite a stinker. lol

 Anyway, I've been adding some geography to our Sonlight Core A.  I figured since the next 2 years after this will be focused on history of the world that this year we will learn light history and light geography and then for 2nd and 3rd grade we will delve more heavily into it.  With that said....we aren't doing things as chronological as Sonlight has it in their IG, but I made it more 'area' based (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania).

We started in the US/North America (because that's where we live). Among other things we learned a little about Native Americans and did some fun crafts.

We learned a little about how they lived.....

 and that they made their clothes from animal skins.

Astronomy is going pretty slow.  I just haven't figured out how to fit it into our schedule yet so as of now we are doing it as we have the time (which may end up how we fit it into our schedule).  We melted chocolate to see how hot the sun can be.....
 We also made sun prints on construction paper.  Kind of fun to see!
 We had Zak help demonstrate that the earth revolves around the sun.....
 ......and that it rotates while it revolves.  She enjoyed this a lot. :)

Working on math.  She is still doing parts of Horizons....but we will be starting Math U See very soon. (As soon as I find the time to figure it out....yeah....time, about that.....)
 Working on All About Reading....she really likes this curricula....and I do too.
 FINALLY she lost her other front tooth.....it's been loose for a good 8 months!  I never knew teeth could be loose for so long.  Really cute!
Happy blogging!



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