Wednesday, February 6, 2013

D: Ducks and Dogs

Here it is.....the long over due letter D!  This was actually completed in November before the holidays (and before I had to stop schooling with the boys to keep my sanity whilst adjusting to the 4th one).  :)  We read two books for the letter D.  The first was about dogs.
You will have to forgive me because I have had these printouts for so long that I have forgotten where they came from.  The top one was for Silas......
.....and this one was for Asa.
Working hard on their worksheets.

File folder game that I had previously made for Annabelle's preschool. (LOVE it when I get to re-use things I already made)
Pattern block letters.  You can get this print out (and one for every other letter) at Confessions of a Homeschooler.
Asa making dog food for his letter D craft page.  This is part of the All About Reading Pre-Level 1 that we LOVE so much.
The above and the next two pictures were a fun sensory activity.  I made all our 'D' items 'dirty' by placing them in chocolate pudding.  The boys had so much fun cleaning them up with water and toothbrushes.  This kept their interest for well over an hour!

We also read Ping and did some duck activities.
These next two pages are from 1+1+1=1

They also painted duck feet (spatulas) on paper and had a good time with it.

Anyway, that is it!  Simple, efficient, and fun.....that is my goal for school and this blog. Sorry for my absence. :)  Like I said I plan to be here a little more often (hopefully once a week or so).  Happy blogging!



  1. You are amazing, Jessica, and your kids are some of the smartest kids I've ever known. Love you guys!

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