Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy Preperations Batman!!!

I haven't posted in a while. This is all due to the fact that every spare minute I have has been taken up by me obsessively trying to get ready to start preschool the first week of August! And to tell you the truth I don't have that many spare minutes with 6-8 kids, 4 and under running around my house. :) No, they are not all mine. I'm temporarily watching my friend's three beautiful children. I also watch my little nephew 2-3 times a week, and another little boy a couple days a week. So chaos is a word that comes to mind daily here.

I have successfully gotten everything put together and ready to go for the months of August, September, and October thanks to quite a few 1-2am nights. November is well underway and should be done in the next couple of days. Hopefully I will have it completed before we leave for vacation on Thursday....correction: I must have it done before we leave for vacation! December is in the process of being typed and printed and possibly can be all printed off by the time we leave on Thursday, but isn't essential for my sanity. I would however like to have through December completed by the time we start...which is totally doable. How long does it take me to prepare a whole month? Well, because I have been insanely working at it, usually 4-5 days. I have never went through so much printer ink, paper, contact paper, or velcro in my life lol!!

This is what a month generally entails give or take:

File folder games - at least 2 a month, but most times 3 or 4

Felt board stories/songs - print out, laminate, adhere velcro to all objects (there are a ton of these!)

Math and Language games - 4-5 a month...really fun stuff that puts learning into action

Bible Manipulative's - more felt board preparations...some for every day of the month

Additional work page print offs - try to get one a day in a month...sometimes two

Doesn't appear to be that much work...but it is very time consuming. I'm whipping things out like a well oiled machine now that I've gotten into the swing of it. I'm excited to start to share with you all the things that have consumed my time as of late. But I'm even more excited to share it with Annabelle...who has been eyeing everything I'm doing with quite a bit of interest. She continually asks me when school is going to start (Ahh...the joy of learning at a young age).

Well, back to November preparations....Happy Thanksgiving...err, I mean....Happy Blogging


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