Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Home school?

I have asked myself and thought about this question a lot. I have come to several conclusions that I would like to share, but first a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I in no way think that people have to home school for their children to succeed in life. I do not think that everyone should home school. It is right for some and not for others. I do not judge anyone who does not home school. I believe that well rounded individuals come from all degrees of education whether it be public, private, or home schooling.

For those that are worried about the socialization issue, please don't. I can tell you that my kids are socialized well. They are typical toddlers/preschoolers. They have their little friends and enjoy being around people. After all I was home schooled for a long time, and I turned out alright...at least I think I did...let's not debate that. :)

Ok now that that is out of the way I will get on with it. :)

My first and foremost reason is that the moral base that children will live to the standard of for the rest of their lives is usually set by the time said child reaches middle school. I want to be the main influence/role model that my children see. Granted I am not morally perfect, but my standard/ role model is found in the Bible and He is morally perfect. There are just so many questions about the moral standards (or lack there of) in a public school setting. I do not wish to shelter my children from the world and what they will be faced with in society, but I would like to maintain their innocence. There is no need for elementary children to be so worldly wise at their young age. Now I do not think that you cannot be morally healthy if you attend public school, I know plenty of people who are. I'm just saying for my little family I want to influence them every hour I possibly can.

My second reason is a little more fun and less heavy. As parents we are ecstatic when our children smile and laugh for the first time or when they learn to walk and talk. As they develop into preschoolers we think that they are amazing (most of the time lol). I cannot imagine not being the one to teach my children how to write, read, or figure numbers (although...I am bad with them, Zak will be helping with that...otherwise they might not know how to do anything other than simple, basic things). I can't think of anything I'd rather do than to be there as my kids discover the world of learning, it's just too much for me to miss out on!

My third reason (and final for the moment) is that for quite a while all I've wanted to do was be a mommy....or a teacher. Now I get to do both as full time jobs! I'm excited to relearn the things that I will be teaching my daughter. I don't have to be away from my kids as I pursue my desire teach. It's the perfect solution for my family.

There it is. All laid out. I don't know how long I will school them at home. Right now the plan is to at least have them complete elementary school at home. We may give them the option to go to school at that point, or we may wait until high school. If any of them want to continue at home when they reach high school I would be more than happy to oblige. Again there is no judgement, and I do not think that those who do not home school are making the wrong choice. This is the choice for our family. Every family is different, and every child is different. In terms of education...to each his/her own. Well, time to start prepping lunch for the stupendous seven I have running my house today.

Happy blogging :)


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