Monday, August 9, 2010

Bears, Adam & Eve, & Bb

Week 2 here we come! This week should be fun. I am introducing the letter Bb and the rest of this month will be focusing on Aa and Bb. I have a couple fun games that will be taking place as well as the file folder games, worksheets, and arts & crafts. Most of these activities you will have to wait and see pictures of at the end of the week.

In particular I'm looking forward to a little game called Balloon Bat. It consists of me hanging balloons from the ceiling and letting the kids run around and hit them. I haven't decided if I am going to make a variation of the game or not yet. I planned on writing Bb on all of the balloons, but I might write different letters on them and tell Annabelle she can only hit the ones with the Bb on it. We are going to be doing this game a couple more times this month so I will probably introduce that variation a little later.

I will also be introducing the number 2 this week. There are a few games that I have planned for that as well including a collage of pairs and a game called Find Two. Find Two is a game where Annabelle will reach in a bag and find two of the same object without looking. I am interested to see how that will work out.

Well, not as many pictures to post at the beginning this week, but there will definitely be more at the end of this week. Hope your week is as entertaining as mine is shaping up to be. :) Happy blogging!


These are butterfly color match file folder games in a couple different variations. Sorry again for the dark/not good quality pictures...can't seem to get the right lighting in here :/

These are Bear Dominoes that I made. Hoping to have a nice, quiet, fun game to counteract the Balloon Bat, which we all know will be pretty noisy and chaotic :)

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