Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week One in Review

Well, this week went wonderful. We didn't follow the schedule as I had wanted. Instead we did it during naptime since both the boys lay down and she doesn't. I think that this worked well because there were no distractions for her. She absolutely loved this week. From the hands on crafts to the worksheets (she really likes to use her special Dora pencils), and at the end of everyday she asked for more! If only getting her excited about school would last through all of her years. lol

As of right now she doesn't quite get the phonics factor and is just memorizing the words that I tell her start with 'a'. Yes, I do realize that this is only our first week...and Zak reassured me that at this age all she really needs to do is identify her letters and maybe know a couple words that start with that letter. I just need to figure out a way to make it click with her. The way I'm explaining it just isn't working. So this weekend I am going to research more on how to teach phonics, and we will see if that produces anything fruitful.

I'm including a couple pictures of art projects completed this week. Enjoy them...we certainly enjoyed doing them! Ok, off to phonics research....happy blogging.


The circle at the top is our 'apple pie' it's a paper plate painted brown, sprinkled cinnamon on, and put apple stickers :) The yellow construction paper is actually Asa's attempt at apple stamp painting. The funny looking thing with tissue paper on it underneath Asa's art is called a stained glass apple (contact paper with tissue paper stuck all over it lol). The blue piece of construction paper with the Aa on it is Annabelle's apple stamp painting. The middle is an apple tree finger painting. And last but not least the world is actually part of a Bible has pictures of things God created on it.

This is Annabelle enjoying craft time...she had a little friend over this day so she was doing school with us.

And one last picture. Our apple tree (sorry about the glare from the flash). Annabelle had a really fun time putting these apples on the tree.


  1. I just found your blog and love it! I don't know how you feel about DVDs for little ones, but the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD is awesome about teaching letters and their sounds. My just-turned-two year old goes around the house identifying letters and saying "the H says 'h'" or "the A says 'a'" or whatever letter she sees or thinks of. I think a biggie for beginning phonics is knowing what sound each letter makes.