Monday, August 2, 2010

Red, Apples, Creation, letter Aa, and the #1

What do Apples, Creation, the color red, the letter Aa, and the number 1 all have in common? They are the theme for our first week of preschool. That is right today is the day that I start my adventure of teaching my daughter, and she starts her adventure of learning. It is a milestone, and quite frankly I'm a little emotional about it! LOL I didn't think that I would be. Apples and Creation are the actual weekly theme. We also have a color, letters, and number a month to focus on. This month those happen to be red, Aa, Bb, #1 and #2. Here are some pictures of what I think will be the highlights of our week. I will also post pictures at the end of the week of crafts and such.

These next couple pictures are a couple things that I'm using this week to help learn the letter Aa. I believe learning for Annabelle (and really most preschoolers) happens when they are playing and having fun, so you will see a lot of games as reinforcement in my teaching method.

Feed the Alligator: A fun game where Annabelle will toss the beanbag into the alligator's mouth.

Aa File Folder game: I have one of these for every letter. You can either match the capital and lowercase letters to each other AA aa, or match them in sets a capital with a lowercase letter Aa.

One-to-One Correspondence: Just a fun little game to match one object to its outline.

Creation Circles and Creation Clothespins: These are just a couple fun little games to help reinforce our Bible focus for the week. That God created all things and hopefully it will help Annabelle learn the order He created them in too! I still have problems remembering it might help me as well. LOL

Alright that is all I have time for today. I meant to post all this a little sooner, but just didn't have the time. Ok....enough already, time to actually start teaching her this stuff :) Happy blogging!



  1. I LOVE the alligator bean bag game-- did you make that yourself? And the Creation Circles are wonderful- I'd love to know where you got your resources. It's so important to be putting God's Word in their hearts.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment! I did make the alligator bean bag game. I used green poster board and a diaper box (also what the game is stored in). The bean bags I found at a craft store really cheap.

    The Creation Circles I found at Henny Penny's here is the link and you would just click on the creation link. Great resources at this site!

    Thank you for reminding me that I needed to go back and site some of my sources. I had no idea how to do that when I first started this blog. Now I've learned a couple things and need to make sure and do it! :)