Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 3: Circles, Wedding at Cana, Aa, Bb, 1, 2

Well, week 3 is here and I must say that preschool is running more efficiently and better than I had hoped for! We have somewhat slower week this week. Not as many new and exciting things, but still a good week. The Wedding at Cana is the first recorded miracle of Jesus. I'm excited to share with Annabelle the power of God, and the incredible things that Jesus did while here on Earth.

We are also learning about circles. Now Annabelle already knows most of her shapes, but this theme also has a lot of fun things that Asa can join in on as well (and it is most helpful to have another child occupied with something to do lol).

I will be revisiting my Balloon Bat game this week since we weren't able to do that last week....I'm planning on doing that Wed. or Thurs. We are also doing a couple of collages. A circle collage, and a number two collage. The number two collage will be spread out over a couple weeks.

Included are some pictures of the activities we will be doing this week. I also included a picture of the books that we will be reading and focusing on this month that fit our themes. I will post later this week on the wonderful new world of lapbooking that Annabelle and I are thoroughly enjoying. Happy blogging!


This is our Chip Drop game. The object is to sort the poker chips into the same colored container. This game will be easy for Annabelle, but she will still have fun with it. Asa will also have a great time with this game. Notice that the shape of the poker chip is a circle. :)

The is the Apple Size Discrimination game. This is to help understand the concept of big, medium, and small (obviously lol).

This is a picture of our books for the month. They all pertain to themes that we have during the month. If anyone wants names of specific titles please ask. I thought that Annabelle would have a hard time paying attention to the non-fiction books about bears, but she is actually really enjoying them!

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