Friday, August 20, 2010


I really have to stop looking at other people's blogs and in the homeschooling forums. The more I look the more work I create for myself. lol I'm going to share with you a fun new project I've found called lapbooking. We have been working on a couple of them the last couple weeks. One of them is for the letter Aa, and the other goes along with the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and it enforces the letter Bb. Annabelle and I both love these. They are easy and fun to put together, and you can add something new each day. Plus it reinforces the phonic sounds that she is learning, and makes a great keepsake for her to go back and look at (which already happened this morning). It is also a great discussion tool and makes her think about things which I love. She has been more open to wondering and asking questions about things while we have been working on these. Things like I wonder who so and so's favorite color apple is...or what would you like to hunt for mommy? These questions of wondering never happened much before this, and I think it is opening up a whole new world to her. Exciting.

Ok, I will post some pics now so you know what they look like. Keep in mind that these are really simple ones. They can be more complex.

This is the front of the Aa lapbook. You may recognize the stained glass apple from our first week. Open it up and see what's inside. Apple, Apple, what begins with A? Just a wheel that turns and shows pics of things that begin with Aa. Apple Pattern Strips that she worked on to complete a pattern. The Apple Graph, she had to ask different people what their favorite color apple was (notice nobody said yellow lol). Big A, little A pockets sort the big and little Aa into their appropriate pocket. An Aa book to show more works that begin with Aa. How many apples she got to stamp the appropriate number of apples on the apple tree. Apple Pie Opposites is just what it sounds like, she has to match the opposites with each other (this is a complicated concept for her at this point).

Another shot of stuff out of the pockets....we had fun with this.

Now for our Bear Lapbook pictures.

The Story Sequencing Cards are fun items for her to be able to retell the story with. The Bible verse is under this flap, then there are the pattern bears that she had fun coloring. The lift and see flap is asking a question about what type of bear lives where, she had to glue the correct bear under each flap. Next is the over, under, through cave, we still have yet to do this but basically she will listen to the story and place the correct marker where is goes every time she hears it read. And the little flap with the girl and net was a fun little question she got to answer: What else would you like to hunt for? She said a poodle. lol :) So we did just that we hunted for one of her stuffed poodles.
A shot of everything out and opened.
Annabelle having fun this morning exploring her lapbook and playing with the sequecning cards. She did this for almost 30 minutes! Then she came up with the idea that tomorrow morning we should go on a bear hunt with her, Daddy, Silas, Asa, and me.....and Amos that is what we will be doing with our Saturday morning! How fun!

Lastly, if you would like to try your hand at some lapbooking of your own here are the links that I love and have used for these ones (and for others that I'm planning)

And I thought that there was another one, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, looking forward to introducing another new idea in the next couple of posts. Still working on it and getting it ready. Until then happy blogging!



  1. love the lapbooks! I made one for Cam with "Brown Bear" for learning colors and animals. But BOY was it alot of work! :) Have fun on your bear hunt!

  2. Awesome, Jessica. You are going to be a fantastic teacher for your kids, and I know you're going to love it. Love you guys!

  3. I love the Bear Hunt lapbook-- we just did Going on a Bear Hunt recently. Did you make it yourself or find it on one of those sites? I'd love to use it next time we're hunting bears. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  4. Amanda, these lapbooks are so much fun! If I'm remembering correctly most if not all of the bear lapbook elements are from
    They have quite a few different books that they make lapbooks for and it's all free!