Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 3 in Review

Here it is the week in review. We are having a good time still. And Annabelle consistently asks everyday, "Are we going to do school?". lol I'm having to come up with stuff to do over the weekends (which isn't very hard, we just complete whatever we didn't get to during the week). My house has finally settled back down to the normal level of chaos. I only have 3-5 kids instead of 6-8, so I'm able to give Asa more things to do, and he is really enjoying his little Tot School time. It makes him feel grown-up to do these special things with Annabelle. I just wanted to mention that these reviews never really show all the worksheets that we've been doing either. We do quite a few each week that I print from websites. We do a lot of them because Annabelle really enjoys them. And even though most of the time it is just busy work, I think that she feels really important to be doing them....and that is something that will not last long in her schooling lifetime. So we will embrace it while we can. :)

We talked alot about Jesus' first miracle at the wedding in Cana this week. Annabelle and Asa both really liked the visual of the water turning into Kool-Aid :)

We also found a really cool website to help with phonics. really cool! And it lets Annabelle play a game on the computer, which makes her feel really big. :)

Another new development this week. I put 3/4 of the kids toys away. I was sick of them playing (which basically means throwing everything off the shelves and out of bins...totally trashing the upstairs), and me having to clean everything up. So I put tons of stuff away and plan on rotating every quarter. Hopefully that will stimulate more actual play, since they don't have the temptation of the fun activity of destroying the upstairs. lol

Ok onto the pictures. I will try to post later today with our theme for the week and some of the things we will be doing. Otherwise, expect that post tomorrow for sure! Happy blogging.


Playing the Letter A game at Asa loves to watch too!

Screen shot of some of the game.

Annabelle's coloring skills. I just have to have a mommy brag moment. She is fantastic, meticulous, and anal when it comes to coloring. But it is exhausting to her, and she does NOT like to mess up. It took her a good 20 min. to color this little astronaut. lol

This is Silas enjoying himself while we are doing school. Wish he was always this happy and self-entertaining while we needed him to be. He stacked those blocks all by himself!
This is the much talked about Balloon Bat game. I stayed up until 12:30am hanging all these silly balloons. :)

But it was so worth the time. They had alot of fun. And they are still hanging up as we speak so that they can play again this week. Annabelle asked, "Is it my birthday?" And then said, "Birthday starts with B!" Funny girl.
Asa stretching to hit a balloon.
Our craft board. Annabelle's letter Bb with buttons, balloons, and butterflies, her circle collage (milk caps and contruction paper hole punches). The next thing is supposed to be a bear made out of circles, but she took it in a different direction lol...more like Picasso. Bingo marker pictures (bingo markers make fantastic circles!). Then there is Asa's Bb picture, followed by Annabelle's circle buddy, and her number 2 buddy. Pretty full week!

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