Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 4 Review

Ok. I have a ton of pictures on here this week, so I'm going to let them do most of the talking!

We had a light craft week this week. We have a couple butterflies (the pink and purple being Annabelle's of course, the other is Asa's). Annabelle used her pink and purple paint that she had left over to paint her plate I thought that it looked really cool so I hung it up. :) The colored pictures are of Jesus teaching in the temple when he was a little guy. The circles with aluminum foil on them have little pictures that the kids drew of themselves on them. They say "Annabelle (or Asa) is growing." Didn't turn out so win some, you lose some I guess. lol

These cute little guys are hanging in our front window. The kids had fun sticking the bees on the flowers and the window.

We talked a little about how we are helpers and that now that they are growing they can begin to help around the house more. To which Annabelle replied, "Not me, I'm little." Then Asa cutely piped in, " I wittle too." Precious....needless to say it is going to take some work for this mommy to get some help around here! We made these little cloths for them to help wipe up the table with after meals. They did seem excited about using these, so we will see how that turns out.

This was our lapbook for the week. The book was The Red Carpet. It talks about the color red, introduced the letter Cc, and opened up the door to talk about how important it is to listen to directions and be obedient....and Annabelle came up with that conversation all by herself! I was pretty surprised when she said, "That carpet needs to listen should be obedient." I must admit, I was speechless for a moment and had to think how I could make it a learning opportunity. It also introduced authority figures and how they help us (police officers mainly). And helped us start talking about the directions left and right.....I love lapbooks! You can find everything you need to complete this lapbook here:

Annabelle enjoyed the lacing cards. This is the first she's played with these to my knowledge.

Fun with the sensory tub. Asa and Silas both really enjoyed this. I must admit it was a HUGE mess to clean up. So this will only be coming out once a week....or in desperate situations. lol (and it didn't stay on the sheet)

These are the growing sponges that we put into the water on Tuesday and just took out yesterday. They got really big. Annabelle looked at them everyday and noted the changes in them. These are from the Dollar Tree (my new favorite store).

We ended our Saturday evening with a fun family game called Hullabaloo. I highly recommend this. It is fun, easy, quick (we played 10 rounds in 15min.), and it practices listening skills. Zak even had fun. :)

Annabelle standing on the winning mat....she was pretty excited because everyone else had won a round but her, then she won on the last round!

Even Silas joined in the fun. He thought it was hilarious that we were all standing on these mats....he wanted in on the action.

Asa listening to where to go next....notice Silas waiting cute. lol

This was our week. It was a rough one due to some circumstances with our dog needing emergency surgery....but I think we still managed to have a good time, and learn a little in the process. Happy blogging :)


  1. Fun week! So where do I find this Hullabaloo game? Cam is getting into games now. "Play games!?!", he says. We've attempted Memory. :)
    Can't believe how much Silas has grown. I think he was still crawling last I got to see him. cutie!

  2. :) :) :) :)
    they are definitely the brightest children in the world
    Miss Beth