Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 5: Jesus Chooses 4 Friends, Friends&Manners

Well, here we are in week 5. I cannot believe that it is almost September! At times August went really slow, but at other times it went quick. A week from today Annabelle will be 4. Wow!

Anyway, a couple highlights. This week we are learning about the calling of the disciples. How they were called to be Fishers of Men. We are talking about how they are friends to Jesus. We are also learning about what it means to be a friend, and discussing how to be polite. I will be trying to express to Annabelle that the way we treat people will directly effect how people will portray God. A confusing concept for a 4 year old, but I think that I managed to put it into kids terms. We will be doing a collage of friends during one of our craft times this week to show that our friends can be all different ages, shapes, colors, and genders (Annabelle has an issue with boys lol).

This little game is to help the Bible lesson for this week to stick in her heart. It's just a fun little go fish game. The person who finds the most fish hidden under the nets wins.

Ummm....this is my excessively mess shoe closet lol. We obviously didn't get around to playing the shoe pairs game last week, but we will this week. In the process I'm hoping to get the closet straightened and organized. Annabelle will be helping clean and not even know it. She will match all the shoes for me. She is actually pretty excited to do this (I have no idea why). lol
These are a selection of books for the next couple weeks. This week we will be working on a lapbook based on the book Feathers for Lunch. This book is an excellent book that will transition us from learning about Aa and Bb into learning more about Cc. Then the little Angus Lost trilogy will bring us into learning about Dd (these are super cute books by the way). We will also be talking about caterpillars and dinosaurs. It should be a fun couple weeks of reading!

Annabelle is loving the library books. She sits down and looks at every single one of them when I bring them home. I love that all three of my kids have a love for books. I am completely amazed when I sit down to read to them and then look at the clock and 20-30 minutes have passed!

I am really starting to get in the groove of things and really feeling fantastic about what we're doing. I have really surprised myself with being flexible. I love to get check things off a list and get everything accomplished. But I am learning to just roll with it. Somedays everything gets done, other days it doesn't and I'm ok with that. It's ok when things get done, because it will give us something to do during the downtimes when someone is asking for something to do. It also helps on weekends....because Annabelle is constantly asking me to do school on Saturday and Sunday!

I am also really enjoying my time with my kids more. Can I be real with you....sometimes spending time with kids is a chore for me. But I've found with planned activities and something in my mind to do ahead of time has really made me enjoy it 100% more. To the point that I look forward to it. Can I just encourage any mommies reading this that might feel the same as me to just plan a couple things to do with your kids during the week, and then do it whether you feel like it or not. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable it is. Ok, off my soapbox. lol

Well, time to prep lunch. Happy blogging.


  1. Thanks for that encouragement! You're so right about having activities planned! That's probably why I loved doing Tot school as much as Cameron did. It was our special time together.

  2. I LOVED making up 'games' like your shoe game when I nannied! :) I love your blog, Jess- super cute! Miss you friend!