Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 6: Feeding of the 5,000, Families, #3, Cc

Woohoo....September. Goodness, time is speeding by (for the most part). This week we are going to be having some fun. We are going to be talking about families, and all the people that make up a family. Grandparents Day is coming up so all of you who read this who are grandparents to Annabelle pretend to be surprised when you have a made with love card/craft handed to you. Annabelle has already started making things for her grandparents and is enjoying it

There are so many fun things that you can do while learning about the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. With goldfish crackers and bread many things are possible. :) This is a picture of a craft/Bible activity that will be used to re-tell the lesson. I try give Annabelle a craft to do that will be able to be used to re-tell the story for every lesson. This way one or more of the mornings when we are going over the lesson she can 'teach' the lesson to me. This is a fun way to know that she understands and remembers what is going on in her lessons. So this is a picture of what that craft is this week (she is going to be decorating the basket...that is what will make it a craft).
Our shape of the month is the square. Again, Annabelle is familiar with these shapes, but these activities will benefit Asa. This is a fun shape game that I made. I cut out these shapes from foam. They will be put on the floor and we'll play a version of musical shapes. Turn on the music and when it stops find a square. I could also do a "Stand on a green square" type of game. Possibilities are endless and it was quick, cheap, and easy to make!

We are also learning about the number 3 the next couple of weeks. This is a fun feltboard game that introduces the concept of 3. Three circles make a snowman. A little early for snow, but another fun, cheap, easy idea. (Those three words make my day...fun, cheap, easy :))

While we will be finishing up our Feathers for lunch lapbook this week, we will also be starting a new one. This one is based off the book called The Carrot Seed. Carrot starts with c so it goes along with one of our letters for the month. I'm really excited about planting the carrot seeds and watching them grow with Annabelle. This project will last a while. She has a little book where she will draw a picture of what the plant looks like every 10 days. Seeing this is the first time Annabelle has ever planted and taken care of something it should hopefully be a fun, rewarding experience. (I really hope this goes well....I'm kind of notorious for killing plants. lol) You can find everything you need for this lapbook at HomeschoolShare.com

Also, we are going to be talking about caterpillars this week. I have a lot of fun caterpillar activities planned. I will post more about that at the end of the week since I will still be putting most of those together tonight after the kids are in bed.
Lastly there are a couple new things in the busy trays right now. This first one is sorting paperclips by color. They are getting sorted into these cute little baskets. I thought that the baskets went well with the feeding of the 5000 story....wish I had some cute little fish to sort instead of paperclips....I'll have to find those another time (after my spending freeze is lifted). SIDENOTE: If any of you ever go thrifting and find some great sorting materials I would be more than happy to pay you back for them! Anything that can be sorted by color, size, or type would work great!

This is also in the busy trays right now. It goes along with the Feathers for Lunch lapbook. It is a fun bird bingo type game. I've been really amazed with how many different types of birds Annabelle has been able to identify by looking at the pictures since playing this game. Bonus: She really has fun playing these kinds of games. What is better than playing and learning at the same time? Not much!

Ok, that is all I have time for today. Time to plant some carrot seeds. Happy blogging.

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