Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sneak Peek Week 11: Tower of Babel, Elephants, Eric Carle

I know. I know it's Tuesday. We didn't get a good start to the week due to my printer being out of ink and I had to wait until I could go get some to prepare the rest of the things that I needed to do this week. I have a real hard time skipping things and doing next week's lessons this week and this week's lessons next week. Call me crazy...or anal. :) We actually really enjoyed doing school on Saturday with daddy home last week, so that is what the plan is again this week. I will return to the normal blog schedule after this post.

Before I go to the regular program I just want to share some exciting news with you. After 7 lllloooonnnnngggg months of searching, praying, and trusting God, Zak has finally found a job closer to home! We are very thankful for God's faithfulness and are excited to finally get things back to normal around here! Ok, onto the sneak peek.

This week our Bible lessons are going to be focusing on the Tower of Babel. There probably aren't too many lessons that a preschooler can glean from this, but it brings so many different building activities to the table I couldn't resist it. The obvious lesson for adults is that God wants us to worship Him and trust Him. The only way to the Father is through Christ (or in the OT through sacrifice) not by anything that man can do or build. People at this time stopped relying on God and started relying on themselves. That is pretty intangible for a preschooler, but Annabelle might surprise me. Either way it is always good for knowledge of the Bible to be given. She will be familiar with the passage and we can build on that in future years.

So in this picture you can see some of our building items....which are at this moment being played with (and scattered all over the living room...what a mess! lol) I also bought some frosting along with some giant and big marshmallows. We should have a good time trying to build an edible tower. There are also some great printouts at Henny Penny to go along with this lesson.
Our reading this week is going to be focusing on books illustrated by Eric Carle. Sidenote: Did you know that these weren't written by him, just illustrated. The poor authors that really wrote these books are totally overlooked! End side note. I hadn't had a chance to run to the library at the time of these pictures so not all the books are in here. We are doing a different book everyday with a fun craft to go with it. These books are a lot of fun and the ideas are endless with them. Plus, kids love these books!

Lo and behold what took me until 2am to finish last night in order to be prepared for today.....the elephant activities. We have large floor numbers. I plan on using our big dice for this to find what number that Annabelle is supposed to find and stand on. It will also help with her counting that she is having so much difficulty with. Poor girl.

Here are the rest of the E/elephant activities. Clockwise starting on top left: Elephant size sorting, Counting (placing the correct amount of peanuts on the elephants), Big E, Little e matching, and Big E, Little e color match. All of these can be found here: http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/2010/04/prek-letter-e.html
and here:

There is the sneak peek. I just realized that I do have another activity not pictured here, but we might not get to it this week anyway....we have a ton of stuff to do. I will make sure to post it next week. Have a great day. Happy blogging.

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