Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 10 In Review

We just finished up week 10 this afternoon. Yes, due to a sick day on Monday we did school on Saturday. One could say that I'm a mean mom, but my kids really love doing school so they didn't even notice it was Saturday....not that they would notice anyway. :) Unless I have something important I want to say I am going to let the pics do most of the talking from here on out. I say that, but I don't really mean it. I will probably have a detailed explanation of each picture. I really need to limit myself otherwise I could be typing forever, and that would just be ridiculous.

This is such a fun activity. On the big sheet of paper there are little pictures that the kids use a magnifying glass to see and then they match the big pictures to the little pictures. I got the magnifying glasses at the Dollar Tree (there were 4 in a pack!). The picture printouts I got from this really cool science center activities site.

We have begun working on patterns this week. Annabelle is good at doing two colors/objects every other (ex. red, blue, red, blue), but has problems with three colors/objects, or if it is not every other (ex. red, blue, blue, red, blue, blue). I wish I could remember where I found these pattern cards. I will see if I can find which blog it was and I'll post it later. The manipulatives I got in the Target dollar bins. You could easily use pom poms.
This is the Help the Elf game. Don't necessarily think there is a need for the elf other than the fact that it starts with the letter E and that is what we're learning right now. lol I found these huge dice in the Target dollar bins and we will be using them a whole lot. They are so fun! So this is how we ended up playing; Annabelle would roll the dice, count the dots, find the corresponding number, and stuck it up on the fireplace. After all the numbers had been rolled we put the numbers in numerical order. She had a great time with this. It also helped with counting 1-6. For some reason when she gets to 4 she makes up a number that comes next even though she knows it's five. It's frustrating for both of us. I don't know if she just forgets, isn't concentrating, or is just like her mommy and has a strong dislike for numbers. Whatever the reason she didn't have a single problem during this game so I guess we will be using a lot of visuals/games for math in the future. (Math U See comes to mind mom!).

I am not posting the art board again this week, but it is full of lion type crafts, praying hands stained glass window, and other various artsy type things that the kids did this week. This one that I am posting is one of their favorites of the week. Paper plate lions. Oh the things you can create with a paper plate!

Here is Asa working hard on getting the lion's mane just right.
The finished product. I think that they turned out pretty cute.
We did some phonics review this week. Annabelle was able to put together letters A-F without them being pre-bundled. She was able to identify all the sounds (well, F she needed help on...we haven't officially introduced that letter yet). So this made me feel a little better like I'm not going to fail at teaching. :)

Annabelle really liked the Daniel in the Lions Den lesson. She learned that she doesn't need to be afraid, that God is always near, and that she should always do what is right and be obedient to God (and her parents lol). We made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and Annabelle and Asa had a blast with them. I hid lions around the living room and they went on a lion hunt with the binoculars. It was pretty cute to see them looking into them. I'm impressed that they are still in tact and being played with today 5 days later!

The lion huntress found one. Posing with her game....just like a real hunter would. :)
Asa found one. He is running to put it back into the Big Lion bag. I had them sort them as they found them.

Ready to go look for lions. The real funny thing is is that this picture wasn't even posed. They were REALLY excited!

Well, that's it for another week. A fifth of the year through plans...and nothing has gone horribly wrong yet. :) I'll be posting tomorrow with our week 11 Sneak Peek. Happy blogging.

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