Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What We're Doing Wednesday

Here it is my first Wednesday post. I'm mostly going to just let it be pictures. We are a day behind due to two of my kids and I being sick on Monday. :/ Not a fun day. We are all back to our normal selves. Here is a glimpse of what we've been doing this morning.

Letter Cc cut and paste (trying to finish up a couple of Cc worksheets that I forgot I had...that's ok it's good for review).

The Envelope Game. This is the one that I thought that she would have a hard time with. She has had no problems at all with it. She thought it was kind of fun to match words. I wanted her to look at the camera and smile, but she said she was too busy with school to stop and look at me. lol
Marble Balancing. I got this idea off of another blog (Confessions of a Homeschooler). They really had a good time with it. Took up 15 minutes of the morning!

Lastly, here is the Big Lion, Little Lion game. They both really liked this. Annabelle wanted to do all the big lions and Asa wanted to only do all the little lions. I thought that was humorous. Especially when Annabelle pulled a little lion out of the bag.

I realized that I don't have any pictures of Silas. During this time he was finishing his morning nap. Then making a mess...eeerrr I mean playing with the kitchen food and his blocks. All in all it has been a good morning! Enjoy your Wednesday. Happy blogging!

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