Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sneak Peek Week 10! Daniel and the Lions Den, Ee, #5

The first week of October is going to be kicked off with Daniel and the Lions Den. This is such a fun lesson to do with so many different craft opportunities. It also holds remarkable lessons in God's protection, why we don't need to be afraid, trusting in God, and also doing what is right/standing up for what you believe in in the midst of adversity. This game is pretty simple and self explanatory. Sort the big and little lions.

I am introducing the letter Ee this week. Annabelle has been doing really well with her phonics. I am somewhat reassured that I can teach her and she can learn from me. I feel much better about this than I have in previous weeks. Not only that I am ok with the fact that she is in preschool and most of what that means is just being a kid and playing. There is no need to pressure her into learning faster than she needs to, we don't have to meet anyone else's standards or deadlines....which takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of me. Learning is fun! That is a huge goal of mine while I'm homeschooling. I want this to be enjoyable for all of us.
Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Here are the games that are going to help introduce the letter Ee to Annabelle. This is the Envelope Game. It will possibly be harder for her than previous games so we'll see how it goes. She will have to match the picture (that I wrote the word on) with the envelope with the correct word on it (only the word no picture). I'm interested to see how she does.

The standard file folder game.

This game will help review numbers and the recognition of them. There are two sets of numbers so that Annabelle and Asa can play at the same time and I don't have to listen to them argue. lol This can be played a couple different ways, but I will just post the way that we plan on playing it. The object is to help the elf put the numbers in numerical order (the elf is to reinforce the letter Ee). They will either pull a number out of the bag or I will tell them which number to put in the bag....haven't quite figured that out yet.

This is just a simple square puzzle. This will be our last week with square recognition. Annabelle's ready to move on....Asa still calls it a triangle. lol

And finally I made some new play-doh. The colors aren't as vivid as I hoped they would be. I think that is mostly because I'm trying to mix primary food coloring to get the colors I want. Guess I'm going to have to go to a cooking store and get some real colors! It is supposed to be purple (which does look much better in person than on camera), lime green, and orange (I will say that those two colors turned out alright though). We don't really celebrate Halloween here (just a personal preference), but the colors are still fun to play with.

Well, that is it for now! Looking forward to my first Wednesday post. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Happy blogging.

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