Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 9 in Review

Silas, what does a duck say? Cack! Yes, by the end of the week my 15 month old will answer that question when he feels like it. lol I didn't get a lot of pictures this week. I must have misplaced my brain when some really cute, fun activities were taking place. So they are minimal and fairly boring this week. Rest assured that our week was more exciting than these pictures show.

We had a lot of fun with art this week. We made little square buddies. Always a hit with the kids. Those can be found at (it's in my resources list). The orange painting and the one on green paper were a fun attempt at stamp painting. We used spatulas which are supposed to look like duck feet, however both Annabelle and Asa thought it was more fun just to use them as paintbrushes. They had a good time though so who can blame them. The pretty, sparkly star pictures are a reminder that God keeps His promises, just like He kept His promise to Abraham when He told him that his descendants would be uncountable like the stars in the sky. The other pages on there are just supplements to our Bible lessons for the week and can be found at HennyPenny (also on my resource list). One is of Sarah hiding in the tent laughing, and the other is of the 3 visitors that Abraham entertained. Just a good way to reinforce the Bible lesson, and a good way to discuss it while doing them.

These are my favorites of the week....they didn't fit on the board so they're hanging on the wall. They colored the duck bills and feet (and if your Asa you colored the head too...he's efficient that one). Then we painted glue onto the ducks and stuck on some feathers. Quick, easy, and fun!

This is my kids favorite time of the day. Generally only lasts 15 minutes, but for that 15 minutes they all gather around the computer. Annabelle plays the phonics games of her choice and the boys watch. Don't worry Silas, you'll be able to see it better eventually. lol

Nice follow through! Silas LOVES to throw balls (or in this case a plastic orange lol). He has a pretty good arm for just being a little guy. He is all boy. If you have a ball, cars, dinosaurs, tools etc. he is there. Will he be athletic? Only time will tell. The Lord knows I don't have an athletic bone in my body...and it took me 20+ years to come to terms with that.

The favorite activity of the week was coloring. I was surprised at how much Annabelle wanted to color. She normally prefers drawing because she is such a perfectionist when it comes to coloring. Here they are working on their square worksheets.
Look at that concentration.....and those cute little cheeks. :)

One of the kids must have felt bad for Silas while they were coloring. When I came back from turning over the laundry I found someone had given Silas a coloring book a couple crayons and a pencil. I decided to roll with it and he really had a good time with it.

Last but not least here is Annabelle playing with the sorting dogs with short and long legs activity. She really loves those Angus books. She looks at them and can tell you the gist of what is happening on every page. I'm glad that she loves books so much. Actually, all three of them love books that much. This is very heartening considering we will be doing a Charlotte Mason approach in our future curriculums (literature/living book related material).

Look, a post that is on time! I've been doing very well with managing my time (praise God!) I feel I have so much more time in my day and I am getting so much more accomplished. It is a good thing to redeem my time. Well sounds like the little guy is up from his nap. Happy blogging.

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