Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneak Peek Week 9: Abraham/Isaac, Ducks

Here we are, last week of September. Cannot believe October will be here before the week is out! Well, this post is going to be short and to the point. Mostly because there aren't a whole ton of activities that have been prepared beforehand with this week.

We are going to be continuing with learning about Abraham. This week we are going to add onto that story and bring in the birth of Isaac. This has always been one of my favorite lessons to do. I just love thinking about how faithful God is, and how good He is to provide (the sacrificial ram), and to keep His promises (the promised heir Isaac). Now, I won't get this in depth with Annabelle, but it does get me to think about it, and that is part of the reason I love to teach Annabelle these things. It brings it back to my remembrance. The living Word of God is powerful whether the lesson is for preschoolers or adults! That is exciting.

I know that I said that our theme is ducks, but this first activity is for dogs. We are working on our Angus Lost lapbook (Angus is a dog). It is a trilogy and one of the books is called Angus and the Ducks so that will be fun to tie this lapbook into the duck theme. This activity is sorting dogs with long legs and dogs with short legs. In the book Angus tries to keep up with the dog with long legs but he can't. These books are really charming.....kind of sad that I have to take them back to the library. lol I just have them sorting them onto the pages of the book, but it can also be sorted just into piles with no pictures.

On Friday we are going to be going on a Duck Hunt. I haven't decided if it is going to be inside or outside yet. Much of that depends on the weather. Either way these are the little guys we are hunting for.

This is the last picture (told you the post was going to be short!). I found these cute little duck baskets at a couple different thrift stores. I bought them knowing that I had this theme coming up. One duck gets to have all the yellow feathers, the other gets the orange feathers. Annabelle and Asa have both already have had lots of fun with this activity. Much to my surprise they really love the duck baskets the most. They each had quite a few things to say about them. So that has been great knowing that the dollar I spent on these baskets didn't go unnoticed. :)

A good friend of ours has Peking ducks (I think that is the breed). So we will be going over there sometime this week and watching the ducks. The kids have done this before and they all three really like seeing those silly ducks waddle around. Should be a fun week!
Now, I know I mentioned that I was adding a Wednesday post to the mix, but I'm not going to be starting that until next week. So my next post will be Saturday. Have a great rest of the week. Happy blogging.

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