Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What We're Doing Wednesday

Another Wednesday is here. These posts are easy for me to get up in time. Here is what we did today.....

Decorated our window. I really can't remember if I found these farm window clings at Target or the Dollar Tree, but they're cute and the kids had fun hanging them. Silas keeps pointing at them and asking, "What's that one?"....well, not that clearly, but I'm his mommy, I'm supposed to know what he is saying.

Sorry for the darkness...there was too much light outside to get the flash to come on....
I'm really surprised at how much they like to stick things on the window. I try to do it a couple times a month. Asa was making the animal noises in this picture.
First they colored the pigs (Asa's is multicolored), then we painted brown mud on them. I really wanted to let them fingerpaint on them with chocolate pudding, but it must have slipped my mind while grocery shopping. There was no chocolate pudding to be found in the pantry. Oh well they still had fun. There is no finished picture. The finished product looks like the whole paper had been dipped in a mud puddle.

Fisher Price farm floor puzzle that I found at a Goodwill. Can't beat that!
Working on the vegetable gardens. Asa really liked this. He said, "This is really fun! I like making veggiebals!" Too bad you don't like to eat veggiebals Asa. They both did separate versions of this game. Asa just matched the vegetables in the right rows. I had Annabelle put hers into numerical order within the appropriate rows.

Sad, this is the only shot of Silas I was able to get this morning. He really likes these Melissa and Doug farm magnets (this came in a package with ocean and jungle magnets/scenes too). I have to take his pictures stealthily because the second he sees a camera he stands up and tries to grab it. So I didn't get any pictures of his cute little face today.
That was our Wednesday. Right now everyone is napping....Hallelujah! So I'm going to go enjoy some food and an episode or two of Clean House season 7 (new to Netflix)....I am a sucker for silly shows like this. Happy blogging!


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  2. Oh! PS: I love the look of your blog - the spilled glue is awesome! Your kiddos are adorable, too!