Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 12 in Review

So I was looking back at the pictures taken this week and realized that the most of the ones that I had I already posted on Wednesday! Then I thought, "Why is this?" -- Yes, I do talk to myself quite often... :) Then I remembered that Wednesday was the only day this week that I had 3 healthy children and a healthy mommy! One of us was sick on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week!! Crazy little bug going around must be. Well, all that aside today we are healthy and ready to seize this next week and accomplish everything that we weren't able to this last week.

We didn't do much of the planned activities because of the previously mentioned sickness. So we improvised most of the week with whoever was feeling good at the time.

This is the same Melissa and Doug farm magnet that Silas is pictured playing with on Wednesday. This was by far the favorite activity of his for the week. Then he figured out that you can stick them on the fridge too....oh man, he had a ball with them! Here he is with Annabelle showing him where the animals should go.

Annabelle had a good time building 'pony houses'. This house had a kitchen, living room, and bedroom....I really hope they're all housebroken. lol Daddy had a good time helping too. He was supposed to build exactly what Annabelle was building. She ended up having to build both sides because he wasn't meeting her standards. However, he did come up with a couple good ideas (at least that's what she let him believe). :)
Enjoying the fruits of their labor. All the ponies are nestled into their house. I'm sure they will be completely comfortable.

Sadly, that is all I have! I will be posting either tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope to catch up on a few things that we missed this last week tomorrow before we dive into this weeks theme. My hubby is making me a wonderful grilled club I'm off to enjoy that and a wonderful glass of diet Pepsi and relaxing this wonderful Sunday afternoon before heading back to church tonight. Enjoy the rest of your hopefully relaxing day as well! Happy blogging.

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