Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sneak Peek Week 13: Pumpkins, Fish/Frogs, Jesus Loves Me

This is the perfect week to be able to make up for last week. Although we have a great week planned it is basically reviewing a lot of what was already done through the month. I'm also hoping to be able to do more organizing in my 'school storage' area in the basement. Right now it just looks like someone threw a whole bunch of random preschool items, arts and crafts paraphernalia, baskets and papers in a big pile (mostly that's because someone did throw all of those things in a big pile). lol

I'm excited this week to present the Jesus Loves Me lesson. This phrase is said in our house almost daily (Jesus loves you very much). So we will be talking about that, and also how to pray. We've been talking a lot during discipline lately how we can pray and ask God to help us be good even before we do something naughty and how He can change our attitudes if we ask Him too. I think that these lessons will help her put that into practice. This last week I have really seen an improvement in her behavior and that is truly exciting!

Ok. So pumpkins and fall are the theme of our week. Lots of great things to do with this theme. I hope to do a couple nature walks and collect some leaves. We will also be painting pumpkins, and doing a fun color mixing activity with red and yellow fingerpaint. The picture below is full of fun games that I still need to cut and laminate today/tonight. From the top left going clockwise: Leaf patterning activity, Roll a Fall Tree (just like last week's roll a barn game....which was a big hit, especially since they got to play with the big dice), and measuring pumpkin vines. These printables can be found here: http://www.2teachingmommies.com/p/unit-studies.html
underneath the unit studies of Pumpkins and Fall.

I saw these Candy Corn games on a blog and knew that I had to print them out and do them. We've already done a couple (there is a graphing one too not pictured) and they were a huge hit with Annabelle and Asa. Silas really enjoyed the candy as well. :) There is a Candy Corn sort, Grid game, Patterning, and Graphing activity. They can all be printed from here: http://prncsstefy.blogspot.com/p/my-printables.html Scroll down the page until you see the Misc. heading and it is the link called Candy Corn Math Games. Also explore her blog. Tons of fun things on there!

Learning more about the letter Ff this week. We've been having a lot of fun with all of the farm things. Time to move on to some other Ff words. These are the fish games that I still have to cut out and laminate. The top one is a fish shadow match game, then the fish builders game (you have to use fish to make the same design as the fish in the picture), and fish measuring (we will be measuring them with goldfish crackers). These printables can be found here: http://lovemylifex4.blogspot.com/p/printables.html
Lastly something that I created using posterboard, glue sticks, a sharpie, and graphics from Microsoft Word (and apparently an ink cartridge that was running low...). Just a little movement game where the kids pretend to hop like frogs from lilypad to lilypad. We played this last night and they really had a blast, especially when mommy and daddy joined in! It's amazing how much more my kids enjoy an activity when parental participation
happens. So don't be afraid to look silly and play with your kids! I guarantee that I was the coolest frog on the block. Well, I will be back tomorrow with the What We're Doing Wednesday post. If your in the Michigan region like I am enjoy the gloomy fall rain we're having. Happy blogging!

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