Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What We're Doing Wednesday

Another Wednesday. It seems this past week and a half Annabelle has lost some interest in schooling, because of this I have been taking it slow and trying to only do activities that are of interest at the moment. I do not want to force school on her this year (for preK). I want it to be fun and full of good memories. So yes, I do let her determine a lot of what we do. However, I do make her finish the things that she has started, and I do stick to an order. If she doesn't want to do what is next in her box order than she is done until she feels like completing it. Some may not agree with this method, but I think that it will help her when we get into more formal schooling next year (when she won't get the option of doing school whenever she feels like it). Alright, onto the pictures....

Annabelle and Asa both seem to love hanging things on the windows, and we just happened to be doing it on Wednesday again. Here they are hanging frogs on the fence.

The highlight of the day was learning that red and yellow make orange. Annabelle thought it was really neat to see this.
Both my kids dislike getting their hands too the dainty one finger painting was all I got. lol Not to mention they both asked for something to wipe on!
We did our dot painting. They both love this (however, Asa was throwing a tantrum at this particular moment in time....yes, we have tons of those right now). These are just bingo markers. I'm really excited because I ordered these for their stockings. They are going to love having more than 3 colors to choose from! For Annabelle:
This is Silas' new favorite activity. He loves to color! This is the first time that he was in his booster seat to do it. He didn't like that and was confused and suddenly thought that he should be eating the crayons (and the fingerpaint). lol :) So I removed him from the chair and placed him back on the floor. He was much happier with that.
Asa really wanted to color this fish worksheet. I didn't plan on doing this until tomorrow, but he wanted to do it so badly and his whole morning seemed to be so rough for him I just wanted to see him smile....and this did it for him. If only it was always that easy!

So just so you don't think that my days run smoothly or that we are perfect here is what Asa did the most this morning.....and it was loud and irritating! Still haven't figured out what his issue is today. Needless to say I put him down for a nap early. Plus, I don't have to watch him tonight...he is going to a good friend's house while I go and teach at church. He always appreciates his one on one time with these great people!

And just because I can't leave off on that sad picture he did manage a few good smiles this morning....this is when I told him he could color the fish picture.

So that was our day. Didn't get everything that I wanted to done, but just going with the flow. Praying tomorrow will go better as today was truly frustrating. Happy blogging.


  1. I wish Cameron like to color that much. A quick scribble and he's finished!

  2. Does he like to draw better? I found that Annabelle really prefers to draw (with markers over crayons). I don't know why, but that's what she likes. Something else Asa really likes is just cutting paper! Maybe Cameron would like that? It makes a confetti mess on the floor but 20 sec. of sweeping is totally worth the 20-30 min. he will sit there and cut a piece of paper into shreds (great way to shred the mail lol)