Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 13 in Review

We had such a fun week! Lots of pictures to go through so lets get started!

We painted pumpkins this week. I realized that next year I'm going to have to get bigger pumpkins for them to paint. So yeah, naturally I took a picture of the paint. I think it looks so pretty all separated and colorful. (I'm a dork. lol)

Annabelle took her time at first, but then got tired of that and just covered her entire pumpkin with paint (mixed together, because she loves to mix the colors).
Asa just went to work painting the whole thing from the start.

The finished pumpkins. Asa's is the one on the left, Annabelle's is on the right.

Putting glue on her their Ff's. We put feathers on them. We also did the Ee this week too. We glued clipart eggs on those.

He was saying, "I paink with gue!"

Hard at work doing a worksheet.

Asa still loves to play with the vegetable gardens that I posted about a couple weeks ago so I still get it out for him to do.
I went to a church rummage sale and found these incredible stringing beads for only $1.00! This is only half of them pictured. The kids LOVE these and we spent quite a bit of time playing with them on Saturday. By quite a bit I mean well over 2.5 hours (Split up between two different sittings)!

Annabelle is making a purple necklace.

Asa did such a fantastic job at stringing beads. I was pretty impressed that he could do it at all.

Silas didn't string them, but he had a good time 'cooking' with them. Wish I knew what he was making. I bet it was tasty. :)
Displaying our finished necklaces.

Here are a couple pictures of what Silas did this week. He entertained himself all of 5min. with putting these colored zip ties into a container. I was hoping that he would like this a little more and play with it longer. He was really quite frustrated that he couldn't put the top on by himself.

He practiced eating yogurt with a spoon all by himself. That's a pretty intense skill. lol

Yeah! The spoon made it to his mouth.

Then I put him to work mopping the floors. Gotta teach them young! For some reason he is obsessed with following me around while I'm mopping. I had to pick some toys that were on the floor before I mopped the next room and he took advantage of me setting down the mop. I hope he likes to mop when he's's to hoping. :)

That was our week. I'm excited about this next week. I bought some things that will hopefully help with Silas' activities during the week. I'm excited to post about it. Waiting for a couple of things to come in the mail still. Have a wonderful day! Happy blogging.

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