Monday, November 15, 2010

Week in Review: Attempt #3

Good grief that was a lot of pictures to upload....not to mention that this is attempt number 3. Yes, that's right number 3, thanks to my beautiful number 3 child. It's only fitting I suppose. Well, with him in bed I should be able to accomplish this!

We did not even scratch the surface with our Moses lessons. We talked about him as a baby and about the burning bush. So Moses will be following us into this next week. What we have covered has been fun though!

This is Annabelle proudly displaying her burning bush. I have the kids usually work on something while I'm reading the lesson. For some reason it helps them focus more. Annabelle even asks more questions when she is given something to do while listening. For this activity they glued scraps of paper (that Asa cut for me) onto the bush.
Here's Asa....with his Mowgli (Jungle Book) half smile. lol
The garbage game was a huge hit! It came off the shelf everyday and was enjoyed by all 4 kids (my nephew included). Sad. I was looking back through my pictures and realized that I didn't have any good ones of Asa, but rest assured he was playing right along with them. Here are some of my favorite action shots:.

Annabelle coming in from the side
My nephew Jude had a great time!
Silas throwing it in the garbage with force.
Gold and green glitter Gg (with green paper and glue to boot!). Annabelle is decorating her Glitter G. I put the glitter in salt and pepper shakers to make them easier for the kids to use, but this one had a lack of holes....or the holes were too small....or both. Either way they both had to shake it a long time to get enough glitter on their papers.
Asa spreading around the gold glitter glue.

Having a lot of fun with the Gg file folder game.

Annabelle had a challenging time with this tonging activity at first. Once she got the hang of how to hold the tweezers she didn't have much of a problem. I must have put too many pom poms in the basket though, because she finished up by sorting them with her fingers. All in all she liked this and it will be in her workboxes again.

Play-doh time! When the kids play with play-doh I first give them an activity to complete before they have free play with it. Here is Asa making a triangle (Annabelle had a letter Gg play-doh mat). I tried to get them to both play with green play-doh (because it starts with g), but Annabelle insisted she use pink, plus she told me the letter it started do you say no to that? lol

The next few pictures that you will see are for Silas' Tot School, which is something new we started this week. I must say he is absolutely loving his 30-45 min of mommy's undivided attention. To learn more about Tot School visit this awesome blog:
All the kids loved these buttons, which found many uses throughout the week. Lets see how many I can remember; money, pony food, stacking blocks, tea party cakes, necklace making, and mess making. lol I picked these things up probably 200 times....I'm pretty sure. Silas just really liked to look at them and put them in and out of the basket. He also started to notice the shapes. He can identify a star and a triangle (and he likes to attempt to say them too which is humorous for mommy). Asa is in this picture. The older kids are allowed to play with us, but they may not take these toys and not let Silas play (great lessons in sharing, patience, and cooperation), and they must understand that this time is for mommy and Silas.
This is a fun picture. I said, "Silas, where is a triangle?" Then he found one, picked it up, and tried to say triangle.
Goofball cheesing for the camera. We built a lot of towers (and I truly mean a lot.).

This pouring activity wasn't included in the sneak peek photos, partially because this was toward the end of the week when he was getting more and more disinterested with the activities that were on the trays. I switched one out a couple days early and am glad he did. We played with this for almost 25min! So simple. Marker caps (from dried out old markers), pringles can, and a basket....what could be more fun than that?
Concentrating really hard to get all the caps in the basket. Yes, yes, that is marker that you see on the side of his head. My children like to wreak havoc in the house while I'm trying to Skype with my husband, poor Silas was the victim this particular time. Other victims include but are not limited to, Asa's bed (totally thought I put all the crayons up....missed one...ugh), clothing drawers (all of them are now empty....hanging my head and sighing), and the bookshelf in Silas' room that houses 300 or so books is empty (his floor however is a literacy wasteland).

We finished off our week with a great afternoon outside. My awesome dad and brother, Joshua, came over to rake the yard. It was a chore! My kids all wanted to 'help'.
Annabelle raked,

Asa bagged,
And Silas entertained the masses.

Hey! It is tough work being so stinking cute.
That was our week! So glad we got those leaves taken care of. Looks like after the beautiful November weather we had this last week or so that winter is going to be settling in. Happy blogging!

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