Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Peek Week 14/15: Moses, Gg

So you might notice that I have no picture of the date this week. I seem to have misplaced the November/December crayon.....kind of bummed. So I'm going to have to go look for it in a little bit.

So Moses is a whole lot to be covering in one week, so we started a little last week and we will finish up/review some this week. Such a mighty man in the Bible. Many great things to learn from his life, and some really cool happenings such as the parting of the Red Sea, the Ten Plagues, the Ten Commandments, the burning bush, and just the fact that God set him apart for the deliverance of His people out of Egypt. So our week is packed with fun activities.

On top of all the Moses fun we will be having. I am introducing the letter Gg this week. There are a couple of fun crafts to do with this involving glitter (oh man). We always have the file folder game that I use to introduce the letters. These are really too easy for Annabelle. I do have her do them once just so she is able to recognize a capital G and a lowercase g, and so that she is able to identify the phonic sound...in this case g gift (hard G). Asa, on the other hand, loves these little games. He will do them over and over through out the week. So I'm glad all my hard work was not done in vain! I purchased a whole down loadable set of almost 300 file folder games and these alphabet ones were included in that package. I cannot for the life of me remember where I got them. I should find the site again though.

Gg is for garbage. lol I thought that this would be a fun game to play to help the letter stick in Annabelle's head a little better. So I bought a garbage can and made it look pretty (no, it has never been used for real garbage!). I find that Annabelle and Asa both react well to these little goofy games and helps them recall what they learned better (Annabelle in particular). Bonus: It makes learning super fun!
This last week and a half I underwent yet another transformation in our school area. I really like the workboxes and they are working very well for Annabelle and for the most part for Asa too. However, there are some bigger manipulatives that I want Asa to do that just don't fit in a workbox, and I wanted something great for Silas too. I have been reading this blog for quite a while: http://1plus1plus1equals1.blogspot.com/ and absolutely LOVE the idea of Tot School. So I've taken the plunge and bought a shelf and trays and these last couple of days have really been focusing some time in the morning with Silas (who is eating up the attention). Then a little later in the morning, I focus some time completely on Asa. Plus, the shelf adds a needed distraction for Silas when I'm schooling with Annabelle. I also use the shelves to put Asa's bigger manipulatives/busy-work with a purpose on top of. So without further delay here is what is on the shelf this week:

Sorting buttons. This is on the top for Asa, but Silas has played with them some too. I likes the basket.

Cutting fun (this one is on a tray, an entire activity on the tray makes it easy for him to get it himself). Asa loves to cut. He will cut and cut and cut and cut some more. These papers are left over from a paper chain we were making. The little box is what he is to cut his paper into. It is his responsibility to clean up when he's finished. He likes getting his paper into the box, and I really enjoy the lack of a mess on the floor! :)

Tonging/Color Sort. Sorry for the horrible picture. This is just to practice dexterity by picking up the pom poms with the tweezers (they are red, yellow, and brown), and placing them in the correct place. This is more difficult. I was going to see if Annabelle enjoyed it first, and if it is too easy for her it will get sent to Asa's eager hands.
Here is a better picture of the shelf. There are 3 more cubes up above these 6 and then the top (where Asa's things sit). Can I just take a brief moment and say that the Target Dollar Spot has some super cute things right now. I just spent $30 dollars there the other day. Their collection of books and puzzles (plus a couple other random little things) is just wonderful right now. You will see a few of those items on the shelves, and in pictures in the Week in Review post.
Alright, onto what is on the shelves starting at the top left: Coloring book and a couple crayons (this is one of Silas' favorite activities), Stacking cups (which have since been destroyed by the dog), buttons and string (Silas doesn't string the buttons, but his older siblings and cousin love too....he just really loves playing with them), books from Target Dollar Spot, puzzle from Target Dollar Spot, and always fun MegaBlocks.
Here is a closer picture of the books. They are little finger puppets! Silas is loving these.
That is our week. I will be posting tomorrow on what we are doing. Happy blogging.


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