Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sneak Peek: David, Jj, and Snowman Game Explanation

I almost forgot about my calendar! Well, it's back. We did start this week off yesterday as the date suggests. We've been having major computer problems this last weekend and they're following us into this week. Fortunately Zak is pretty good with these types of things so hopefully the computer will be up and running and back to normal in no time.

This week we are looking into the life of David. Each day we are learning something new about his life. We start off with his life as a shepherd looking after sheep and how he was chosen to sing to King Saul. The next day (today) we will be talking about his friendship with Jonathan. Wednesday we will talk about how he was chosen to be king over all his brothers. Thursday and Friday we will be discussing David and Goliath. Friday we will be watching the Veggie Tales movie: Dave and the Giant Pickle. So many great things to glean from David's life. In these particular stories I hope to touch on friendship, working hard and doing a good job, praise and worship, and God can use anyone no matter how little and seemingly insignificant that person is.

I found these bowling pins at a garage sale this last summer (they are huge!). I thought it would be fun to tape pictures of Goliath on them and use them to bowl the giants down. I think it will be a big hit.
This week we are also diving into the letter Jj. Still a couple of weeks behind in our letters, but we are catching up quickly and will be back on track soon. We are doing a few different activities for the letter Jj. Mostly with jellybeans and jack in the boxes. These cute jelly bean activities can be found here. The activity on the left is matching the top half of the jelly beans with the numbers on them with the bottom half of the jelly bean with the correct number of dots on it. The activity on the left will be done with real jelly beans....yummmm! Annabelle and Asa will both get a pile of jelly beans and will sort them into colors. Each color will then be counted and placed on the graph. Then we will determine which color had the most and which color had the least.
This is an activity that I made. I painted jars all different colors and then painted the corresponding lids with the same color. The object is to find the lids to put on the jars.

I posted a picture of Asa playing this snowman button game yesterday and said that I would quick post an explanation about it today. So as promised here is the explanation. Remember the snowman and his buttons can be found here.

This is a picture of a card that Asa would draw randomly from a pile. He would then count the dots (he doesn't correctly recognize his numbers quite yet without some help), and find the corresponding amount of shapes from a little bowl that I have them in.....or in this case spread out all over the table because he would dump them all out of the little bowl to rummage through them. :) So the card he drew says 3 hexagons, so the snowman gets three hexagons. Simple enough right?
This is an example of the card sets that I made for each of the buttons. I do not intend to make him go through all of the cards. Asa plays until he gets bored and then moves onto something else. You would also not have to put all the shapes available in the game at one time, or all the numbers available for that matter.
Well, that is our week in a nutshell. Hope the snowman pictures cleared up any questions. I have a tendency to over complicate simple explanations. Happy blogging.


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