Monday, January 31, 2011

Week in Review

The end of another great week here at our house. We have been able to get most everything accomplished that I've wanted to do for two weeks straight now! That in and of itself is amazing. We are slowly but surely catching up on our alphabet. I am completely amazed with Asa who can identify almost every letter in the alphabet. I have no idea where he picked up the incredible talent. Maybe it was all because of Super Why. lol And Annabelle is getting closer to being able to count perfectly to the number 15! Still having issues with the numbers 13 & 14 (she thinks they are one in the same and not two separate numbers).

Working hard on our letter Jj activities. This day we had fun with jellybeans with printouts from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
We also worked on our letter to hang on our alphabet wall. J is for jellyfish.
Here is the finished project. I think it turned out cute, and Annabelle really likes the pink jellyfish. Who am I kidding, if broccoli were pink she'd eat it. :)

We had a fun visit from Great Grandpa and Grandma Cummins this week. They hadn't seen Zak since he arrived back from Korea and the kids and I didn't get down there around Christmas time so they had a Christmas on Saturday. It was a nice visit and the gifts were wonderful. The kids played with them the whole afternoon! They love their new Melissa and Doug art easel! They were regular Picassos.
This was one of our fun Bible lessons this week. We talked about how King Saul was very sad and David played praise music and it made King Saul very happy. The paper plates represent King Saul as happy and sad. During the story they listened for the words sad and happy and would hold up the correct paper plate. We also did a cute word song with the paper plates too. I don't know what Asa thought the crowns were supposed to be, maybe hair. lol
This jellybean sorting activity was a HUGE hit. It can be found here.
Look at that concentration. I don't know if it's concentration for actual sorting, or just trying not to eat the jellybeans during the activity.
They both really enjoyed this Jar Twist activity that I put together for them. They worked with these most of an afternoon one day. Annabelle's favorite was of course the pink jar.

Asa really enjoys these pattern blocks from Melissa and Doug. We got these for Christmas and they didn't have the green triangles in the package. We finally got our replacement with green triangles included. Asa was excited as you can see.
One of his favorite activities this week was cutting. He would color on paper and then cut it into little shreds. To make this less messy I have him cut onto that green craft tray that you see next to him. This eliminates most of the mess on the floor.
We had a lot of fun with the Silly Faces game from Discovery Toys. I set the cards and the mirror out on the tray and he copied the faces that were on the cards. This was a complete riot. I love this little series of pictures.
He called this one the naughty face.
....and this one the happy face.
Silas wasn't feeling too good at the beginning of the week. He insisted on sitting in this chair with the puzzle while watching Super Why. For anyone who is curious he did do the puzzle over and over again the whole time he sat there.
Did I mention that he loves his books!
His new favorite of the week.
He loves this little jar! Thankfully, it is pretty durable. I think he really likes that he can take the lid on and off by himself. He actually thought up this activity all by himself one day. The clothespins were on the table in this jar and he got them down, dumped them out and put them back in (taking the lid off and putting it on every time). So I quick grabbed a tray and set it out the rest of the week. It was his favorite for sure this week.

Goliath bowling was a big hit with all the kids. Here are some of my favorite shots from one afternoon of playing.

Silas got a turn with a ball. He thought it was great!
This is what he did most of the time though.
A couple great/cute action shots of Asa. Look at that superb form!

Annabelle helping Silas knock down the pins that the ball missed.
We had ssssooooo much fun this week. To see what other people did this week click on buttons and enjoy! Happy blogging.

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  1. jess! that's awesome! i hope i live close to you when my kids are that age! love ya and miss you!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun J activities

  3. What a fun and productive week you had with your little ones! Clothespins were always a hit with my daughter too - it's funny what amuses kids. :-)

  4. aw lots of fun activities! I must say I am impressed how organised you are and how much you get done with 3 young children! I have a 4 year old and almost 3 year old and find it hard to provide activities suitable for them both x

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Regina - I find it very funny that the things I don't work hard on to put together for Silas are the things that he loves the most. On the flip side the things that I think are great and pour my sweat into are the things that he ignores. lol Maybe I should take a hint :)

    Fiona - It is difficult to stay on top of things! I feel that we are just now getting in the groove of things and we've been doing school fairly consistently since August! My middle guy is not quite 3 yet too(March) and I must say that while Annabelle and I are doing the meat of her preschool he is either napping, watching a movie, or doing busy work (this week it was cutting mountains of paper lol).

  6. ok- this one was better because of the pictures :) i like the naughty face (of course)