Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week in Review

So this is not a very big post due to us being gone for most of the week last week (including the day needed for packing and the one for unpacking as well). Most of our schooling completed was worksheets. Since it is not very fun just to look at pictures of worksheets this post isn't very picture heavy either. I was going to include a sneak peek in this posting too, but I pretty much already posted everything that we are working with this week last week due to not doing it last week we will be doing it this week (ummm that was pretty much a confusing sentence). Anyway, on with the show.

Here Annabelle is working with her inchworm counters. She is getting really good at counting 1-10. I think that I mentioned in the previous post that I am going to be introducing the numbers 11-15 to her this week. This activity and the one below it can be found here: http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/2010/12/letter-i-for-inchworm.html
These are the inchworm builders. The object is to duplicate the pattern on the paper. She is really liking these a lot.
Ii is for igloo craft that Annabelle did. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture. We did school in the evening so there was no bright natural light around, and the flash made it look weird so this is the result. (I am in no way, shape, or form a photographer).
Asa didn't want his picture taken at this moment. He wanted me to take Annabelle's first. This explains the face. Here he is working on sorting big I and little i. Also found at the same link I posted above.

Asa really enjoyed trying to follow the lines on these sheets. It made him feel really big, and I must admit it made me feel that he was pretty big. He did a good job on some of them, and a not so good job at others (wavy lines), he was really, REALLY good at erasing. :)
Some of his lines, and his circles.
Silas is our eater. All he wants to do all day long is eat and eat and eat. If he's happy give him something to eat, if he's angry give him something to eat. This kiddo loves to eat. Apparently this day I did not feed him enough breakfast so he climbed up on the table (which I mistakenly left the cereal out and open on) and poured himself a bowl of Honeycomb. Notice the empty box behind the cups (which was 2/3 full). After I snapped this picture he asked me for milk. lol Silly boy. :)

That's all for now. Happy blogging!

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