Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week in Review/Sneak Peek

Yes, yes, another combined post. I was hoping to get back into a regularly scheduled routine for school and blog posting this week, but alas we are going to have to wait yet another week due to something coming up. We will be out of town most of this school week so I have been making preparations for that. So I will quick post our last weeks review, and some of a peek at what little we will be working on this week. I was able to get in a full day yesterday and hoping to get in a full day today as well.

This is a counting activity that I made for the number 6. The object is to count the 'arms' of the snowflake and file them under the correct number.

Here is Annabelle working hard at this activity. It took her a minute or two to understand what exactly she was counting. It finally clicked and she soared through the activity quickly.
Here she is working on a listening activity. There is a picture of a tree and some apples. I tell her what color and how many apples need to be that color, then I tell her how many she needs to cut out and paste to the tree. She is getting good at this, and I'm hoping these listening skills will transfer over and apply to the rest of her little day. Here's to hoping . :)

She did fantastic on this alphabet activity. She was much more confident with her choices the second time we worked on this. Instead of asking me if she was right (bell starts with b?), she was telling me the correct answer (bell starts with b mommy). It was a very surreal moment that I realized that these months of working have paid off, I'm not a horrible teacher and I can do this! It actually almost brought tears to my eyes. I was quite relieved to say the least.
Working on a file folder game. I printed this off from here: http://www.christianpreschoolprintables.com/ChristianFileFolderGames.html
We finished up talking about the Wisemen this week and the gifts they brought to Jesus. This was a camel/wiseman silhouette craft that we did. P.S. In the last couple pictures Annabelle is wearing a ballet leotard....this was worn for exactly 3 days in a row last week. lol
This is the finished camel silhouette craft. Also our H is for hands craft that we did. Annabelle's are on top, Asa's are the bottom ones.

Asa working on the camel craft in his pj's.

Lacing little beads. If you remember I originally had little beads that looked like snowflakes for this activity. The holes in those beads were significantly smaller than normal beads so I switched them out so he could actually lace them.
Due to the lack of pictures of Silas last week I made sure to take an overabundance one day of our time together.
My two older kids love puzzles, and Silas didn't break that trend. He would sit and work on a puzzle for a very, very long time. I love that my kids love puzzles. It will be fun when they are older and we're all able to work on one together. This is one of a couple that he got for Christmas.
Another Christmas present. What kid doesn't like hammering? As a matter of fact Silas is loudly banging away on this as I type. :)

This wasn't a Christmas gift, but Silas discovered it in Annabelle's room the other day. Here I was asking where the puppy's belly was. We did that with most of his features. I was surprised at what Silas could point out considering we haven't worked much on this.
He got this little Sushi set for Christmas as well. He really likes to take everything out and try to put it all back in where it goes (huh....kind of like a puzzle).
This is how I keep Silas occupied while I'm making dinner. Thanks mom for the absolutely innovative, wonderful idea. I'm sure many moms before me have done this, but if it weren't for my mom I probably would've never thought of something so wonderfully simplistic. :)
This is where the snowflake beads went. I originally had pom poms for this activity. They worked fine, but Silas really wanted to be able to pour our what he put in the container. The pom poms just weren't cooperating. No worries, the beads worked great!

Ok onto some of what I've been working on for this week. We are FINALLY starting the letter Ii. We will only be studying it exclusively for a week and a few review activities will show up in the next couple weeks when we're working on Jj and Kk. We have got to get caught up. Anyway, these printables can be found here: http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/2010/04/prek-letter.html

These are some winter counting activities. I didn't realize that I made so many different ones. lol Annabelle is doing so well counting from 1-10 that I'm going to be introducing numbers 11-15 with these activities (they go up to 20). The hot cocoa mug we will be using actual marshmallows as the counters. All of these can be found at my new favorite site: http://thoughtsofesme.blogspot.com/2011/01/snow-unit.html

This is a category sorting game. We haven't done much of what belongs to groups, so it will be interesting to see how she does. I think she will do fine, but I've been wrong before. This is from the same site as listed above.
Even though we are working on the letter Ii this week I thought that since she already knows the Ss sound and can identify the letter it wouldn't confuse her or hurt to work on it a little. The activity on the left is more for Asa. He will just sort the s snowflakes from the other letter snowflakes. The one on the right is for Annabelle who will sort the pictures by the sounds they start with. These are also from the same site as the others.

I thought that I would start Asa on some pre-writing skills just to see how he does, and because he is so eager to try. I printed these out from the same said site as above and laminated them. He will use a dry erase marker to trace the lines. I'm excited to see how he does, and I know he will be excited to try.
Snowflake matching (sorry about the dark picture). This and the next print out can be found here: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/WinterFunTotPack.html
I'm not sure how I'm going to incorporate this guy yet. I really like him. I may just tell Asa to find a specific shape or color and then ask him questions about the shape or color does that make sense? Like if I tell him to find the triangle buttons I would then ask him what color they were. I would like to make it more independent than that. I've been thinking of making up some flashcards that he would pick and then he would do what it said.....I don't know....just thinking out loud.....

That is it for us for the week. I have a lot to clean and pack so I better get back to it. Happy blogging.

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