Friday, March 11, 2011

Week in Review: Fishers of Men, Oo, and St. Pat

Whew. What a week! I didn't think that we did much of anything this week. I've been so unfocused! I'm glad I take pictures though, it helped me realize that we accomplished a lot of things.

In Bible this week we focused on Jesus call His Disciples and what it means to be Fishers of Men. Since we were on the letter Oo I thought this lesson would go along great with an Ocean/Octopus theme. We concluded school time each day with some St. Patrick's Day activities that I had prepared.

Annabelle is working on her Shamrock counting activity. The counting cards are from the fabulous Musings of Me unit.
Working on a shamrock collage. I cut out shamrock shapes for her out of clear contact paper. Then she sprinkled glitter and stuck on green tissue paper and sequins.
The finished product. I punched a hole in the top, strung a pretty green ribbon through it and hung it in our big front window. This picture doesn't do it justice. It really looks quite lovely.
O is for ocean (even if that isn't the phonetic sound we concentrated on). I drew a big and little letter Oo on posterboard, printed out animals that live in the ocean and their names. We spread the animals out on the ground and Annabelle drew a name out of the bowl. We read the name together and then she would find the correct animal and put it in the ocean.
She thought it was funny that she taped the whale up there doing a back flip. lol
Didn't get any pictures of Annabelle on Tuesday! My camera must have forgotten to remind me to take pictures. lol Here are a couple pictures of things we did do though.

I cut out a whole bunch of fish from posterboard and put a paperclips in each of them. Then I made 'fishing poles' from some scrap wood, yarn, and craft magnets. The object was to 'catch' a fish and tell me the letter on the fish and the sound it makes. Annabelle and Asa had a lot of fun with this. I didn't get this idea from 2 Teaching Mommies, but I just notice that it was in their Ocean Unit and wanted to send out some link love. :)
I also made these lacing cards (ocean animals). I printed them off from Making Learning Fun, laminated and hole punched them.
Annabelle had a good time stamp painting this octopus with pencil erasers. She thought it was neat to use something other than a paintbrush. My kids help me think out of the box so much that it was fun to return the favor.
She even wrote her name with the eraser. Isn't that just the most lovely pink and purple octopus you have ever seen?
We did some ocean creature measuring with goldfish. The printouts for this can be found at 2 Teaching Mommies.
We finally finished off the bottle of children's Tylenol (not that I'm happy about my kiddos being sick, but I was excited about the dropper). I quick threw together this little activity. I've seen it done with suction cup bath mats (and I'm sure it's already out there presented like this too). I drew circles on a piece of paper and dyed some water green. Annabelle put one drop in each circle. I was surprised at how well she did. I didn't think that she would be able to control the water flow as quickly and as easily.

Making Shamrock prints with peppers. there abstract shamrock prints. lol They all had fun doing this.
Making an ocean in a bottle. I was disappointed in the end result. I put in too much food coloring so the water was too dark so we couldn't see the glitter, jewels and shells we put in, and the oil I used had a difficult time separating. When we do this again I will have to look up some directions to see if I did something wrong. Annabelle enjoyed it though. She thought it was pretty neat.
Adding her jewels and shells.
This fish counting activity was printed out from the same Making Learning Fun link that I posted earlier. I really like that the color words are the color. It made it nice for Annabelle to be able to 'read' which color fish she was supposed to count.
We do these dot letters from COAH every time. I just took a picture this time because of all the beautiful colors that were used. Annabelle and Asa really took their time on them. Annabelle's is the bottom.
Finger painting with blue and green for an ocean color effect. Annabelle dislikes the feeling of paint on her whole hand. She was being ever so careful to just use one finger. She gets over this feeling in about 10 minutes usually and does the same thing every time we finger paint or use shaving cream. Weird.
We cut her ocean painting in half and used half for her letter Oo for the alphabet wall.....
and the other half was used to put her 'people fish' (for lack of a better term) that she colored during the Bible lesson. This is to remind her that it is important to let people know how much Jesus loves them.
In a momentary lapse of judgment I set the water table up in our carpeted living room??!! (Sorry Zak if you're reading this) I don't really know what I was thinking, but the kids had 25 minutes of fun playing with it before I took it away (because I didn't want the whole table of water on the floor).

That was our week. Stay tuned for next week. I'm really pumped about it. We will be doing Joseph for our Bible lesson and P is for Pizza! I have some great activities planned for both. :) Happy blogging!


I'm linking up to Preschool Corner and heading over there right now to see what other kids did this week. You should too! :)