Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tot School: Ocean and St. Pat's collide.

We had quite a week. I didn't think that we did much of anything, but looking back at the pictures we did more than I thought! (Glad that I take so many pictures). This week we talked about what it means to be fishers of men and how important it is to spread the love of Jesus. It worked out nicely because we are learning about the letter Oo, and what better theme to have with that lesson than an ocean/octopus theme?

I made a posterboard with the letter Oo on it. I printed out animals that live in the ocean and their names. We spread the animals out on the floor, Asa would draw a name out of a box and then find the correct animal and stick it on the Oo. It was a pretty fun game that all of my kids enjoyed.

Shamrock collage. I cut out shamrock shapes from contact paper and the kids decorated it with green glitter (always a huge favorite), tissue paper, and sequins.
The finished product. They turned out really pretty and are hanging in our big front window.
No pictures of us working on Tuesday. I cut out these fish and wrote letters of the alphabet on them. I put paperclips in their mouths and made 'fishing poles' out of some scrap wood, yarn, and craft magnets. Annabelle and Asa would 'catch' a fish and tell me what the letter and phonetic sound was written on it. I didn't get this idea from here but I noticed it was in the 2 Teaching Mommies Ocean Unit and thought I would share some link love.
Sorting octopus by size. This is from COAH.
Stamp painting an octopus with pencils. He had a really good time with this. I was surprised that he stayed so focused as it took him well over 15 minutes to complete. He was pretty proud of the finished product.

Measuring ocean creatures with goldfish. The printouts from these are in the same 2 Teaching Mommies link I posted above.
Asa stamp painted with 3 lobed peppers to get a shamrock print....
You can definitely see it but it is more abstract than I was expecting. :)
We also made oceans in a bottle. I was disappointed in this. Whether it was because the water was too dark to see the shells, glitter, and jewels that we put in there, or because the water and the oil weren't separating well I don't know. It just wasn't what I expected. I'll have to read up more on this project so it turns out better the next time around. Annabelle and Asa had a great time making them though, so I guess that is all that really matters. :)
Adding his shells and jewels.
Pouring beads. Asa did much better than I thought he would. He followed the rule better than I anticipated: 'Be very careful and try to get as many beads as possible in the glass.'
This is his very first counting activity! I printed it off from Making Learning Fun. He counted fish of a certain color and then put a clothespin on the correct number. He caught on in 2 cards and recognized all the numbers (1-5)!

Working on octopus puzzles from COAH.
We do these dot pictures for every letter. (They are also from COAH). I decided to include them in this week's post because Annabelle and Asa both worked so hard on them to make them as colorful as possible. I must say that they are pretty cheery looking Oos. :)
Fingerpainting with blue and green to make an ocean color.
After the pictures dried Asa added an octopus and his little 'fish men' to remind him that it is important to tell others about how much Jesus loves them.
I had a momentary lapse of judgment this morning. I apparently thought that it would be ideal to set up the water table in the carpeted living room. (I just really don't think ahead sometimes). Well, the kiddos had a blast but my floor was soaked. lol
Looking at the starfish he caught in his net.

Silas insisted on joining us for the ocean animals game. Yes, that is blue marker by his eye.
This is his 2nd week being involved in crafts. He is absolutely loving it.
Putting green and yellow toothpicks into a parmesan cheese dispenser. He really liked this.
And of course after you get them all inside you have to shake it!
Sorry for the sideways picture. I finally got around to putting an open/close tray together. This one includes simple open and shut cases, a zipper, and a coin purse (the kind where you push together to open).
I put fake coins into a few of the containers so there would be something of interest when they were open.
He worked with this tray for quite a while and had a lot of fun taking the coins out and putting them back in.
Stamp painting with peppers. First he was happy trying to work with the pepper.
Then he decided it wasn't efficiently covering the picture and discovered that using your hands accomplishes the task much quicker.
Who doesn't love the feeling of squishing paint between their fingers?

Because I didn't feel like I cleaned enough mess on Thursday I let Silas fingerpaint again on Friday. :)
He loves it!
His first fingerpainting. :)
He had an absolute blast playing with the water table and was soaking wet by the time he was finished.

We had such a fun time this week. I'm really glad that Silas is starting to participate in more things. It helps teach Annabelle and Asa the importance of patience and sharing. Plus it makes Silas feel like such a big guy. He thinks he's pretty special when he's sitting up at the table with his older brother and sister. The smile it puts on his face makes the mess all worth it. Happy blogging!


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  1. What a great week! So much fun :-)

  2. Great week! Love your water table fun!


  3. i needed to smile this monday morning :):) thanks

  4. Looks like a fun week! I love how Silas does the same things as the bigger kids, so cute! I can't wait to do a water table, looks like they had a blast!

  5. I'm hoping to get a water table this summer too! I also love the green pepper stamp painting!