Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week in Review: Pizza, Joseph

Well, looking back I suppose that we really had 3 different themes this week. Oops. :) I'm going to group them together in those three categories so it doesn't seem so scrambled. That is essentially how we schedule it in our day anyway. Bible is first, phonic theme 2nd (this will include craft and math), and then we did our St. Patrick's activities after that.

P is for Pizza
This is a pizza toss game that I made (well, I made the toppings the box is really from Jet's). I used graphics from google image of different pizza toppings that start with P glued them onto cereal boxes and then laminated them for durability and weight.

Annabelle started off throwing them into the box, but then since I had three boxes out (one for each kid) she started sorting the toppings and telling me that she only wanted pepperoni on her pizza. Of course. :)

She made her own little pizza for lunch one day.
Well, as unappetizing as this picture looks it was really fun to play with! I made playdoh and added Italian spices to it to make it smell yummy. I left some playdoh plain with no coloring for the crust, and made some red for sauce and pepperoni. The cheese is yellow yarn.
I quick threw together some pizza words with clipart. Then I gave Annabelle a sheet with just the pictures and no words. She used the stamps to match the words on the 'directions' (as she liked to call them). She had a lot of fun with this and I plan on making more of these to fit our themes.
Notice the huge change in Annabelle in this picture? She got her hair cut!!!
I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this printable pizza math game from (I printed it off almost 2 years ago!). I mounted it to another pizza box. The top part says, "How Many Toppings do you Place?"

I would pretend to call her and 'order' pizza. She would write down number that I said next to the topping that I ordered. Then she would make my pizza according to my order. I think that I will be using this game again when we start doing easy addition and subtraction. (No, we haven't done those things daughter has a strong dislike for numbers lol).
This cute little file folder game was printed of from....well I thought it was from here, but I can't find it anywhere on the site! If anyone knows where I got this from it was recent let me know so I can link the proper person. I got the cool letter noodle bin idea from Spell Outloud. (love her blog!)
Finding the pepperoni hidden in the letters.
Decorating our Pp for the alphabet wall.
The finished product. (It's supposed to be a pizza).
While I did the lesson (from Danielle's Place) I used as many color words as possible (green with envy, red for blood on Joseph's coat, black for hardened hearts of the brothers, blue for the sadness Jacob must have felt). Each color was used on a coffee filter until the next color was heard.
At the end we sprayed the coffee filters with water and the colors ran together. After they dried we cut them out and pasted them on the Josephs. (The one on the right is Annabelle's).
Another day we talked about how Joseph was thrown into jail. How he was faithful to God and was able to do amazing things while in there. We also did a printout about the baker and the cup bearer. These printouts (including the one below) can be found at Henny Penny's.
This day we talked about Pharaoh's dreams and how God gave Joseph the meaning of the dreams. We talked about how faithful God is. How even though bad things happened to Joseph, God had a plan and a purpose and turned everything around for good.
St. Patrick's finale
We played the coin counting game that I put together. You can read about it in this post. The numbers are from Musings of Me and the Pot o' Gold printout is from 2 Teaching Mommies.
Using tongs to transfer flowers.
Sweeping confetti
Marble painting. We all really enjoyed this and we will be doing it again, and again, and again.... it was easy, fun, and surprisingly not messy!
The finished product was put on green ribbon and is now hanging in our front window with our contact paper collages. So bright and cheery!
Pot o' Gold Roll and cover. Found at the 2 Teaching Mommies link above.
Annabelle used her big die to find out how many dots she got to cover each turn (she loves it when the big dice come out).
Finally, we made rice krispie treats using Lucky Charms. I got this idea from Jada Roo Can Do
That's it for this week. Next week we are taking the week off from schooling. Zak is coming home and we are all so very excited that these last 6 weeks will be over! So we will be taking a break to clean and get things back in tip top order before he arrives. Then when he comes home we will be using all our time to love on daddy! I do plan on posting with our trays for our fun Noah's Ark/Rainbows theme though. Have a great week! Happy blogging.


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  1. I'm taking away so many great ideas from this post! Thank you!

  2. What a great week and cute ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely be coming back here more often! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about Winter Promise in the Fall when you start Kindergarten!

  3. Cute, cute pizza craft! Looks like you had a wonderful week!

    P.S. I just found the rainbow washcloths online (in case you can't find them at Babies R' Us) at

  4. I love your pizza theme ideas! I'm planning pizza unit based on the book Pete's A Pizza, and I'll be saving some of these ideas for when we do that unit.

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