Friday, April 8, 2011

Occupations and Qq

We had a fairly relaxed week here, but we had a good time learning about different occupations. Below is a sampling of the books that we read this week. The main occupations we talked about were: Doctors, Firemen, Policemen, and Dentists. I wanted to cover more and had activities for construction workers and postmen, but we just didn't have the time.

We read the parable of the Good Samaritan all week for our Bible lesson and talked about what the Samaritan did to help the hurt man feel better. We also talked about the importance of being kind to everyone.
Annabelle started off this day playing with Silas' trays. They were the new ones this week and she just HAD to check them out.
I printed this activity off from Homeschool Creations Doctor preschool pack. I made it into a tray activity. Annabelle had to cut apart the band-aids and then paste the correct number into her booklet.
We also had fun covering the 'owies' in this game from 2 Teaching Mommies . Instead of making the dice out of paper like they provide, I cut them apart and tape them onto our big dice.
These sensory Dr. gloves were definitely the highlight of the week. These got played with everyday. All I did was fill each glove with something different: shaving cream, water, flour, rice, pasta, beans, ice, oil, lotion etc. The kids had fun feeling the different textures of the gloves and trying to figure out what was in them.
Annabelle's favorite glove was the one filled with water.
I saw this really cute 'fire' sensory bin from Our Country Road and I knew that I had to do it. I thought it might be a new fun way to review numbers. I should know better by now that whenever Annabelle sees a sensory bin that learning is the farthest thing from her mind. Asa loves to look through them and find/learn the numbers (or whatever happens to be in there). Annabelle just likes to use it for creative play. :)

Now, I know that this might not be considered a good idea to everyone, but it worked well for us and Annabelle and Asa really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the importance of fire safety during it. I set up some tea light candles and let Annabelle (and Asa) squirt them out with a water bottle. We discussed why we never touch fire, or play with it. We discussed what to do if there is ever a fire in our house and how firemen may look scary, but we should never be scared or hide from them because they are there to help us. We also discussed how it is important for them to yell, "I'm here." until someone finds them. This is the first time we've ever talked about something like this so it was a big deal.
She was so funny. After every candle she put out she said, "Ha, ha...gotcha." So silly. :)
We also briefly discussed policemen and played this game which is also from 2 Teaching Mommies.
We had a really fun time with learning about dentists and how to keep our teeth healthy. After we read a few books we started out with a craft. Annabelle glued in the (yellow) teeth. Then using a toothbrush and 'toothpaste' she brushed the teeth white. It was a fun and cute activity, and really reinforced the importance of brushing for her.

Healthy happy teeth, and unhealthy sad teeth. We talked about foods that help your teeth grow strong and healthy and foods that can make them sad and hurt if they do not take proper care of our teeth. Annabelle cut the food apart and then sorted them. This idea came from 2 Teaching Mommies as well.

We did a letter jumble for the first time (dentist/tooth themed from Musings of Me). She really enjoyed this. I would say a letter and she would find it and tell me the phonic sound and then dot it off.
Q Activities
Painting with Q-tips
Using pattern blocks to make a quilt. This is from COAH.
....and made a quilt for our alphabet wall.
And I just love this photo because she is just so goofy sometimes. She was wearing my boots and her coat because it was raining and this is apparently appropriate rain attire. :)

I hope that everyone else enjoyed their week! Happy blogging.

I'm on my way over to Homeschool Creations to see what other preschoolers are up to this week. You should stop by too!


  1. I gave you an award on my blog today!

  2. So much here to talk about! I love the sensory gloves. And the fire sensory bin is cute, too. I also like the band-aid idea. I have been thinking about doing more with community helpers because I just set the up a little post office, so you have inspired me to go more into the theme.